Best 5 Superhero Themed Pokies To Enjoy

We all have our own which we admire and remember as a kid.

The pokies industry has taken this interest as an opportunity to create games with superhero themes to attract more and more players. Many online pokies are designed using superhero themes.

These games include superb graphics and attractive sound effects that attract players who’re fond of superhero-themed games.

Here I have rounded up top 5 superhero themed pokies.

1. Man of Steel


Man of Steel is a modern poky compared to other superhero titles featuring Henry Cavill. Although it is not impressive enough when it comes to potential winnings, it is packed with great bonus modes and also amazing multipliers of up to 1,000 your stake.

The most amazing thing about this game is that you can play with as low as 0.02 coins. The stunning graphics and sound effects will surprise you.

2. Superman the movie


Superman movie was just spending and many people can recall. The first slot in Superman’s trilogy is Superman the movie. This title is based on the classic 1978 movie featuring Gene Hackman and Christopher Reeve.

This poky has 100 pretty super paylines to hit. It also comes with herculean four progressive jackpots.

Apart from this, the 3D graphics together with the attractive minimum stakes make it an irresistible game regardless of you play it with Lex Luthor’s budget or Clark Kent’s.

3. Justice League


This movie was a bit divisive. The pokies, inspired by this movie is outstanding and awesome for all the right reasons. The silver lining here is the big stakes.

Just make sure you should play the game responsibly. The potential wins that start from 2,000 coins are quite impressive. You’ll also find a progressive jackpot.

4. Superman II


After Superman first series movies, the second series movie was introduced which witnessed the man of steel rising fast against Lex Luthor once again. This time it was backed up by three Kryptonians who want to revenge against red panted savior.

Although it might not appear as impressive as the “Superman the movie,” Superman II comes with some tricks up its spandex sleeves. If you are lucky enough to match certain symbols, you might end up winning up to 500x your stake.

5. Planet of the apes


Andy Serkis who is the master creature actor is current to step into the role of Caesar in the 2011 remake.

In this game, it is the CGI sound effects and impressive motion that will capture your fantasies. Although the game is not equipped with any progressive jackpot, it splits between two screens. This feature makes the game more interesting and doubles the paylines up to 40 from 20.


Superhero themed pokies are just amazing to play. The above 5 pokies will give you a wonderful experience. You will have fun with your villains or superheroes while playing with those top-notch pokies.

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