CashSplash 3-Reel

CashSplash 3-reel is an online pokies progressive slots game with a progressive jackpot that keeps swelling upwards until someone finally wins it. The best part of the game is that players from around the globe are adding to the progressive jackpot, so it has the potential to get extremely big.

Symbols In CashSplash 3-Reel

There are a couple of symbols in CashSplash 3-reel. The winning sets are related to images of bars, sevens and cherries. Every cherry that appears on the pay line allows players to win.

The colourful CashSplash sign is visible because it displays a number of gold coins to show a big splash. The CashSplash sign acts as a wild symbol, which means that players can use it to substitute any other symbol when they play this progressive slots game.

How To Play CashSplash 3-Reel?

CashSplash 3-reel is a basic casino slots pokie. With a single pay line and merely 3 reels, it is easy for both pros and novices to tackle.

If a player gets a CashSplash symbol with two cherry symbols, then he/she can use it to create a three-cherry winning line.

The CashSplash symbol also acts as a multiplier. When it is used as a wild symbol to complete a winning combination, a player wins twice the fixed payout for that particular combination. When a player has two CashSplash symbols on a winning line, he/she will win four times the fixed payout for that line.

If a player gets three CashSplash symbols in a line, then he/she will be lucky enough to win the progressive jackpot, which can run into millions, depending on the amount collected.

Players have to make sure that they bet the maximum of 3 coins, where each coin is 1 credit, if they want to qualify for the progressive jackpot. Otherwise, the player still wins, but not the progressive jackpot.

Betting In CashSplash 3-Reel

Players cannot change the coin value in this progressive slots game, but they can decide to bet between one, two or three coins based on their preferences. While the number of coins will not affect the betting odds, players should keep in mind that it can affect the winning amounts.

Players are only eligible to win the progressive jackpot if they bet the maximum of three coins in that round, otherwise they will win something, but not the jackpot. In this instance, it would be foolhardy to bet less than the maximum bet of three coins.

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