What Are The Highest Online Jackpots?

Online Jackpots

When it comes to massive wins, online casino games with progressive jackpots steal the show. These games gradually pool together money into a fund that’s eventually released to one lucky player. The timing is completely random, which means the jackpot can be released early or build up to ungodly amounts of cash. Progressive jackpots routinely exceed a million dollars, which has put them at the forefront of online gambling. Hoping to entice more users, many sites prominently display their biggest progressive jackpots on their home page.

In a way, progressive jackpots embody everything punters hope for when playing casino games. There’s nothing more romantic than striking it rich off a single win. Most progressive jackpots pool together enough cash to convert normal punters into millionaires. This staggering potential makes progressive jackpots the main attraction of most online casinos. From pokies to video poker, hundreds of progressive jackpots are accumulating right now. Unfortunately, not all of these pools reach the same heights. While some are astronomically large, many progressive jackpots barely exceed a million dollars.

Faced with so many options, it’s easy to be overwhelmed when picking which jackpots to shoot for. Only a few progressive jackpots are established enough to routinely payout millions to players. For this reason, exploring the options is essential. To shed some light on this insanely lucrative faucet of pokies, we compiled a list of the biggest online jackpots. Their prizes are absolutely staggering, so prepare to discover where you should be betting at!

Biggest Online Jackpots

Online Jackpots 3

Take on the jovial giant for a larger than life prize!

Jackpot #3: Jackpot Giant (£9,586,514) – This 5-reel progressive video slot features some of the biggest prizes available. Its powered by Playtech, which ensures that punters enjoy fluid gameplay. From volcanoes that shoot out coins to fun loving giants, all the elements of this game come to life in flawless detail.

Despite sporting cartoonish graphics, the jackpots offered in this game are nothing to laugh about. Right now the progressive jackpot at Ladbrokes Casino has exceeded £9.5 million. They offer a 200% match up to £600 on their welcome bonus, so there’s no reason not to get in on the action!

Online Jackpots

This game is notorious for payout huge sums of cash.

Jackpot #2: Mega Moolah ISIS (£18,446.873) – After changing countless lives, this game has been nicknamed the millionaire maker. This 25-payline progressive slot is one of the most popular offerings from Microgaming. It features an 88.12% RTP, which provides plenty of incentive to participate in their massive progressive jackpots. Right now their prize pool on Betway exceeds £18 million, which makes it one of the biggest jackpots available. Sign up now to potentially become a multi-millionaire!

Online Jackpots

This game pioneered progressive jackpots online.

Jackpot #1: Mega Moolah (£18,460,788) – When it comes to larger than life progressive jackpots, no game is more notorious than Mega Moolah. Aside from making countless punters rich, they hold the record for the largest payout ever made from an online slot. One lucky player made history when he collected a £13.21 million jackpot while playing Mega Moolah. This epic victory barely beat out the previous £13.19 million record that was set by Mega Fortune.

Even though this last win was huge, this next one is even bigger. It’s running on Betway, which is one of the most revered online casinos in the industry. Their site is reputable enough to actually pay out this staggering jackpot. Everyday the stakes are getting higher, so try your luck with this massive prize!

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