Best Places to Play Pokies in Vietnam

As Vietnam continues to evolve into a booming tourist destination, its gambling industry is starting to blossom. This trend isn’t surprising, since the South Eastern nation has been enjoying a record amount of visitors. Last year Vietnam hosted 15.5 million international arrivals, which was a dramatic increase of 2.7 million from 2017. This influx of tourists generated VND620 trillion (US$26.75 billion), and is inspiring the Vietnamese government to further expand their tourism industry. Through investing in infrastructure and training, Vietnam expects to generate US$45 billion in tourist revenue by 2025. 

Out of all the attractions seducing tourists throughout the country, none are more overlooked than Vietnam’s casinos. This is due to many factors, including the fact that locals were only recently allowed to gamble in 2017. Despite being a relatively new industry, Vietnam’s gambling sector is booming. Now that the country is being flooded with affluent Chinese tourists, the race is on to accommodate them. Currently there are 38 legal gambling facilities scattered throughout 18 different Vietnamese cities. In total, these venues offer 480 table games and 2,632 pokies machines. 

This existing lineup is complimented by multiple integrated resorts that are scrambling to open their doors. Out of the proposed projects, none are more impressive than the Hoiana Casino. This $4 billion renovation is transforming the Nam Hoi An casino into a full-fledged integrated resort. As Vietnam continues to diversify its casino industry, these developments will drastically increase revenue. Experts forecast that this sector has the potential to reach US$3 billion, which is an impressive improvement from the US$62.3 million generated in 2014.

Vietnam’s gambling industry is just starting flourish, which makes now the prime time for punters to visit. The country is bursting at the seams with potential, and is new enough to maintain its original charm. To help guide our readers to the best venues, we compiled a list of the top casinos to play pokies in. These are the largest casinos in Vietnam, and they are setting the standard for what’s to come. It’s only a matter of time before Vietnam’s gambling industry is completely modernized, so come experience their gaming revolution first hand!

Top Casinos in Vietnam

Vietnam Casinos
This venue has become a hotspot for Chinese tourists.

Casino #3: Crown International Club – For punters who crave a taste of home, this corporation is bringing Australian ingenuity to Vietnam. Between the luxury accommodations and impressive amount of gaming options, visitors get to indulge in the best of both worlds. Nestled right next to the 535 room Crowne Plaza Hotel in Danang, the Crown International Club allows users to test their luck while surrounded by luxury. Punters get access to 100 pokies machines and 8 table games that range from blackjack to baccarat. This venue is too charming to ignore, so don’t hesitate to incorporate it into your trip!

Asian casinos
Enjoy the perks of this recent renovation.

Casino #2: Aristo International Hotel & Casino – Out of all the casinos in Lào Cai, none have made a more impressive transformation than this venue. Just a few years ago, Aristo offered a meager selection of 34 hotel rooms, 36 pokies machines and 8 gaming tables. Thanks to a crucial approval from the Vietnamese government, the owner Donaco International Limited has remodeled the entire venue. Today this casino boasts 400 rooms, 300 gaming machines and 48 table games. This expansion opened up a slew of amenities, so get a taste of luxury at this booming casino!

Vietnam Gambling
This larger than life resort currently dominates Vietnam’s gambling industry.

Casino #1: Ho Tram Resort Casino – When it comes to gambling in Vietnam, one venue manages to steal the show. Located 75 miles (120 km) outside Ho Chi Minh City, this casino couldn’t be in a better position. Their close proximity to the capital is complimented by a truly massive complex that’s located right on the beach. The first tower features 541 luxury accommodations that are being augmented by a 559 room expansion. 

Between the luxury retail stores, 18-hole golf course, fully equipped spa and robust dining options, visitors have everything at their fingertips. Their 107,000 square foot casino floor has 90 table games and 614 pokies machines, which is a selection that’s completely unmatched. There’s no better place to play pokies in Vietnam, so stop by to discover what all of the fuss is about!

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