Can You Win Real Money On Slotomania?

Despite being the most popular social casino game of all-time, plenty of questions surround Slotomania. Ever since it launched in 2010, Slotomania used its compatibility with Facebook to take the social media platform by storm. This was the first slots game that was streamlined for Facebook, which was a visionary move by Playtika. Utilizing fun themes and fake coins, Slotomania instantly became a social media sensation. Today it boasts 100 million downloads, which makes it the most popular slots app in both app stores.

Even 8 years after its release, Slotomania still boasts a community of 14 million players on Facebook. This impressive relevance showcases how innovative this game was. By providing quality games & free coins, Playtika created a library of slot themes that anyone can enjoy. Despite being the most revered pokies app of all-time, many punters ask the same questions. We are routinely bombarded with requests asking if Slotomania pays out real money. Unfortunately, there’s no way to win real money on Slotomania. While you can purchase more coins with real money, there’s no way to cash them out.

However, just because Slotomania doesn’t pay out doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to save money while playing. From strategic purchases to obscure offers, punters have multiple options to curb their spending while playing Slotomania. Knowing a few tips goes a long way, since it saves unnecessary in-app purchases. For this reason, we compiled a list of Slotomania tips that help users save money. Utilizing these approaches make the game even more enjoyable, so quit wasting money and start playing like a pro!

Top Ways to Save Money on Slotomania


Stay away from hacks & promises of free coins…

Tip #3: Avoid Scams – Many sites offer free coins & guaranteed Slotomania cheats, but none of them are legitimate. These nefarious operations are only after your personal information, so avoid them at all costs. Through fancy ads & click inserted cookies, these sites make sure customers lose more than just the money from their purchase. Slotomania works off their own server, which means no cheat or foreign free coins are tolerated by their system. Plenty of users have had their identities stolen by fake sites, so don’t ruin your finances for free coins!


Bet big in tournaments to potentially win more coins!

Tip #2: Bet Big – The only way to unlock new machines is by paying or leveling up. To speed up the process, bet big to advance through levels. This can be done on private sessions or through live tournaments. The winners of Slotomania’s competitions receive free coins, which creates an interesting way to level up. These tournaments are free to play & the winners are selected by how many coins they spend. To level up strategically, save up as many credits as possible and bet big during tournaments!


The Lotto Bonus is the only guaranteed way to get loads of free coins.

Tip #1: Hit the Lotto Bonus – Out of all the ways to get free coins on Slotomania, the most reliable method is the Special Bonus. This is the free pack of coins that’s available every few hours. While this is a slow way to accumulate coins, there’s one hidden perk to using it frequently. Users that check in daily for several days in a row are awarded a Lotto Bonus. Depending on the frequency of how many times you checked it, this can be worth thousands of coins. Take advantage of this hack by checking into the app every chance you can!

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