Main Differences Between Social & Real Money Online Casinos for iPad

Even though the main difference between social casino games and online casinos are obvious, these gaming options are more similar than most punters think. This is due to the fact that both industries generate billions of dollars from players around the world. While normal online gambling is simply an extension of land-based gambling, social gaming is a new anomaly. Instead of allowing users to wager real money, social casino games use fantasy chips and coins. By allowing users to access more features and game time by purchasing fake currencies, social games manage to generate profits.

Even though they generate billions, the initial money-free introduction allows social games to enjoy perks that online casinos can’t. While online casinos are heavily regulated, most social casino games undergo little to no supervision. Faced with an unlimited amount of potential places to promote, social gaming has exploded in popularity. Today its popularity has transcended both app stores, which makes it one of the most appealing time-killers for iPads. Due to their large screen, iPads can display all the vibrant details that both gaming options provide. For this reason, iPads are at the forefront of online gaming.

Despite the wild popularity of both forms of gambling, many punters remain oblivious to the details. To highlight these two budding industries, we listed the main differences between social and real money online casinos. While these niches are distinct, they have more in common than most punters imagine. Both of these gambling methods are booming, so discover the inner workings of social and real money gambling!

Main Differences Between iPad Social & Real Money Online Casinos

Real Money Online Casinos

Real money online gambling rakes in a massive amount of revenue.

Difference #1: Real Money Online Gambling Generates More Revenue – While this news isn’t surprising, it’s still interesting to investigate the statistics. Even though they don’t directly require money with each gamble, the social gaming industry is still worth billions. Thanks to a growing number of users and more in-app purchase options, social gaming in the U.S. exceeded $2.15 billion. Fueled by a never-ending stream of new games, America’s social gaming revenue is expected to exceed $2.4 billion by 2020.

While these figures are impressive, they pale in comparison with Asia’s social gaming revolution. Raking in a staggering $2.5 billion in 2017, Asia is the king of social gaming. This unprecedented growth is an exciting development for this new industry, but it can’t compete with online gambling. During 2015 alone, the global online gambling market exceeded $37.92 billion. The industry is expected to reach $59.79 billion in 2017, so real money platforms are still the most lucrative gambling option online.

Real Money Online Casinos

Users access social games twice as much as real money games.

Difference #2: Social Casinos Have More Active Players – While real money casinos enjoy the most profit, social casino gamers are more active. Thanks to the low commitment needed to participate, on average active social gamers play social games every two days. This is twice as much activity as real money gamblers, who usually play online pokies every four days. There’s no need to save up for social gaming, so the faster return of players is understandable.

Real Money Online Casinos

The wild popularity of social casino games are fueled by social media.

Difference #3: Social Casinos Enjoy More Promotion – When it comes to promotion for social and real money casino games, it’s far from an even playing field. While social games can be promoted anywhere, real money games face stiff stipulations. On top of not being able to promote to minors, real money casinos are illegal in most countries. This legal quagmire doesn’t allow real money games to be promoted on social media platforms. This is crucial, since it blocks real money games from the biggest platforms available. Social media and free apps are allowing social games to invade millions of smartphones around the world. Accounting for 61% of social gamers, Facebook is ground zero for this entertaining revolution.

What is the primary difference?

Heart of Vegas
Heart of Vegas Android App

The primary difference between the online casino and the social casino is the risk of losing money. In an online casino, you bet with real money, and if you lose, you are going to part away with your hard-earned cash. No such issue happens to be a concern for the social casinos as you are betting in a friendly manner without any risk of losing the money. Another difference happens in terms of legality as social casinos are mostly legal, while online casinos are still considered illegal in many countries.

The number of games and the variety available in the case of the social casino is very large, although online casinos might not be able to offer a wide variety of games. The moral implications happen to be very severe in the case of the online casinos, but in case of the social casinos as the players are taking a friendly bet, there is no question arises of immorality or unethical behavior.

Remember that many online casinos also offer free pokies to play which involve no real money. But you need to register at the online casino to play those free pokies.

At social casinos, choice is yours. Once you download the app on your gaming device, you can play as guest or login with your FB account or Gmail account to play the pokies games all free with free money given to you as a welcome bonus.

What is the difference in Game Play?

Slotomania casino play now
Slotomania Social casino

In order to attract more players, social casinos offer a wide variety of pokies and casino games that you can play without risking your money. You can all also organize an event specific to some particular date and time requirements and then enjoy the event with your comrades. Many social casinos offer the option of in-game purchases, which generate the revenue for owners, but it is absolutely dependent upon you whether you want to avail that option or not.

There is the option of using the virtual coins in order to bet in the game, and in any case, if you run out of the coins, these coins will be immediately restocked as the process repeats itself on an hourly or daily basis. The popularity of the social casino platform is also due to the opportunity the people get to socialize with each other during their playtime. You can hang out with your friends, chat in between as the battles taking place, and there are a lot of opportunities for you to be together in this totally fun exercise. It is also important to understand that there is no fear of legality coming to the picture as most of the countries approve the concept of social casinos. In the case of social casinos, you do not infringe upon any kind of legal provision under the state of countries’ jurisdiction, which is crucial for the survival and substance of this format.

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