Which lottery video pokies game can you play with real money at Australian casinos?

Lotto Hero 1
Lotto Hero Pokies

Though there are many type of lottery type games to play at Australian friendly casinos like Keno and Bingo, but lately a new pokies game which is like a lottery video game can be played instantly online with your mobile, PC or tablet with real AUD or NZD without any download.

This unique game, which offers players the chance to win hourly jackpots of at least one million dollars is now live to play at online casinos. Based on traditional draw games, players select seven numbers and a card suit to be in with the chance of winning. Draws take place on the hour, every hour, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Lotto Hero is powered by Helio Gaming, and also have a charity element, with Helio pledging a percentage of profits to a Charity Hero fund, which will distribute the money to good causes. Players can also opt to donate part of their winnings, inspiring them to become a hero for others.

How does Lotto Hero pokies work?

Lotto hero pokies in real AUD

Lotto Hero is a double matrix game featuring 35 numbers and four card suits. Tickets cost €2, which allows participation in both the Main and Second Chance draws. A new draw takes place every hour, on the hour, 24 hours a day. This innovative lottery game that has the potential to award millions awards an accumulative jackpot of a minimum of 1,000,000 euro to a maximum of $1,500,000 to players whose tickets match that of the drawn combinations. Lotto Hero works on a network system where players betting on the same draw share the prize pool.

The rules of Lotto Hero online lottery are fairly simple, where players need to select numbers and a card suit and match them with the numbers randomly drawn. To begin, you must select 7 numbers out of a possible 35 as well as a card suit.

Kinds of bets in Lotto Hero Pokies

Win over million dollars in Lotto Hero pokies

Lotto Hero offers three kinds of bet selections:

  • Quickbets: Quick bets draws tickets at random, where 7 random numbers and a random card suit is selected.
  • Hero Bets: Hero Bets draws by formulating ticket combinations based on your most frequently used numbers from the entire network, lucky numbers or the numbers that you have drawn most frequently.
  • Pick My Own bets: Pick My Own bets, as the name implies, allows you to select your tickets manually.

Other bet options: You also have the option of entering into ‘Future Draws’, which allows you to enter into a specific future draw that is to take place within a 24-hour time frame. You can also make ‘Consecutive Draws’, which automatically enters the same bet amount for the next 3 consecutive draws. Making a consecutive draw will increase the bet price as well as improve your chances of striking a win.

Second chance draw

Lotto Hero - Second chance draw

If the first attempt at winning does not succeed, Lotto Hero offers a second chance draw for players, that significantly increasing the chances of a win. The RTP of the Second Chance is a mind-boggling 93% – similar to a pokies game – while the overall winning experience is 1 out of 2.6 and has an RTP of 90%.

The secondary draw utilizes the identical bet made on the first draw, but the difference is that 8 numbers along with 1 card suit are drawn. Note that the main draw tickets, which guarantees your entry into the Second Chance Draw increases your bet amount by 2. Occasionally, free bets are awarded to players; however, these are displayed in the ‘treasure chest’ of Lotto Hero and have a time limit within which they can be used. An instant game may be awarded along with winning bets and allows you to win a free bet if you select a correct card colour—either red or black.

How to get started to play Lotto Hero at Online Casinos?

play lotto hero
  • Join an online casino that offers Lotto Hero pokies to play like Fair Go Casino or Emu Casino
  • Register yourself as a real money player by opening your casino account with a minimum deposit of $10- $25.
  • Click on Lotto hero pokies game from the games lobby on your mobile or any gaming platform.
  • Choose between the number and suit selection options There are number and suit draws that occur within a set period of time, and you need to select 7 numbers and 1 suit within that time period.
  • You  can either opt for a Quick Bet which randomly selects numbers for you, choose Hero Bets which preselects the numbers and suit based on the most frequently drawn numbers, or players can Pick My Own, where they can freely choose numbers between 1 – 35 and the 4 suites.
  • Then you need to buy the card at a set minimum amount.
  • You can make as many set of selections as you wish to.
  • You can also opt-in for a second draw, which will enables players to use their card selection set to be valid for 2 draws instead of the standard one. Of course this will come at a cost, but will also increase your chances of matching the numbers or the suits on the draw.
  • You can also purchase the combo ticket where you can choose more than the minimum number selection (i.e. more than 7 numbers and 1 suit). This will also increase the price of the ticket but also may increase the odds of winning.
  • Once you have selected your numbers, you can buy the ticket, their bet amount per ticket will be stated within the Buy button.
  • The Main or Primary Draws occur every hour (therefore Lotto Hero Hourly).
  • Once you have bought the ticket, you can either wait until the draw starts (to get the best fun out of it) OR you  can move on to enjoy other games, as once you have purchased the ticket, it will be registered towards the upcoming draw.
Lotto hero draw

Once the draw starts, random numbers are picked from an assortment of virtual balls. During the process, your cards are displayed on the right hand side. Each number that match between your card and the randomly chosen number will be highlighted on your card located on the RHS.

Players can witness the draw of all 7 numbers and the suit or click on skip to get to the end result. In case players have purchased the second draw as well, players can witness the second draw in the same manner. Based on the payout, players also have a chance of being awarded a Free Bet. During the Free Bet, players will have to guess the colour of the unknown card (Red or Black). If they correctly guess, the player will be awarded a free draw.

How to increase your chances to win Lotto Hero Lottery game?

Lotto hero draw

Note that ‘Combo tickets’ also allow you to increase your chances of winning by allowing you to select more than the minimum required 7 number and 1 card deck. This allows you to create an entry for every possible combination, thus enabling you to win across several different prize types.

You must finalise your selection before the draw occurs at precise moments each hour, 24/7 around the clock and 365 days a year. Payouts depend on the match between the numbers and suit selection in the draw and the numbers and suit that players have chosen during the bet. The more numbers players match, the higher their win amount.

Lotto hero draw

The minimum payout is a free bet, which is rewarded if players match the suit colour.

To win the jackpot price, players need to match all 7 numbers and the suit. The jackpot will be shared by all the players who won from the same draw. Once a winner has been recognized for a particular jackpot, a new jackpot will be renewed.

The payout is based on the outcome of the draw and how many numbers and suit match the numbers you’ve chosen on your ticket. The main theory is, the more numbers you match, the higher the payout. In some cases, players will need to compulsorily match the suit to win. Payouts may differ on the Main Draw and the Secondary Draw.

Grab Free Vouchers in Lotto Hero

Free Vouchers in Lotto hero pokies

Lotto Hero also offers the option of redeeming free vouchers with which players can redeem, claim and get a chance to participate in a draw for free.

If players have a valid voucher code with them, they can claim them with a few simple steps:

  • Log into your online casino player account
  • Open Lotto Hero Online Lottery
  • Click on the Treasure Chest option (the first option on the top right corner of the game play screen)
  • Click on “Redeem Voucher”
  • Enter your voucher code and click on the Green tick mark.
  • If your voucher is valid it will appear in the Treasure Chest.
  • Players can them choose the voucher they want to claim.
  • Note that each of the vouchers have a deadline within which they need to claim the voucher and participate in their free draw.

Now click on any of the Aussie friendly online casinos to play this exciting lottery game with real money.

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