Which Live Dealer Games Are Most Popular?

Live Dealer Games

During the last few years, live dealer games have taken the online gambling industry by storm. This new form of gaming brings the best of both worlds to punters around the globe. Instead of limiting users to games that are managed by random number generators, live dealer games provides a touch of humanity. For too long, online casinos have come off as impersonal. Now that live dealer games are available, punters can interact with a real dealer in a land based casino. For many users, this creates a much needed burst of personality.

When participating in live dealer games, punters experience all the perks of a real casino without leaving their home. The feed is provided through a webcam that connects the players with a real dealer. From there punters can place bets that range from $1 to $5, which is lower than most land based casinos. These live games are available 24/7 all year round, so there’s no excuse not to get a piece of the action. Users can chat and interact with these dealers, which gives a sense of humanity to the game.

This combination of discreet gambling and human interaction has proved to be a hit. In the last year alone, live dealer games have become part of every major online casino. As the software behind live dealer games becomes fine tuned, more users will convert to this new form of gaming. Given its growing popularity, live dealer games are starting to expand their options. What was once limited to blackjack and roulette is now a viable way to play countless classic table games.

To highlight this new aspect of online gaming, we compiled a list of the top games that use live dealers. These encompass virtually every popular casino game, which means everyone can in their favorite pastime. From blackjack to baccarat, live dealer games are evolving at lightning speed. Discover how you can enjoy these games with this epic list!

Top Casino Games with Live Dealers

Live Dealer Games

Playing Baccarat online has never been this intense!

Casino Game #3: Live Baccarat – This revered classic has successfully made its transition online. Since the game involves taking on the bank in a two card showdown, seeing the dealer is crucial. With live dealer baccarat, users can face their opponent without leaving their home. This personal touch makes all the difference, since most punters are ditching online baccarat and going live against the dealer.

Live Dealer Games

Each spin is broadcasted live!

Casino Game #2: Live Casino Roulette – Out of all the live dealer games, roulette is exploding in popularity. This is due to its simplicity, which makes it a great game to broadcast via webcam. Similar to many land based casinos, most live roulette use an American wheel with two zero sections. Users can control their chip selections and place their bets through the software. Once the bet is placed, the live dealer spins the wheel with a real ball bouncing around it. The results are displayed on-screen and cheerfully announced by an attractive croupier.

Live Dealer Games

Place your bets against real players and dealers.

Casino Game #1: Live Blackjack – Even though this game is extremely simple, there are certain things a computer can’t mimic. Over the years, the main complaint of online punters is the lack of a dealer shuffling cards. Live blackjack gives users this interaction by having a real dealer shuffle and deal out cards to online players.

The rules are the same as in the casino, but this game can be enjoyed anywhere. From mobile devices to PC’s, users now have constant access to blackjack. The rest of the games are still popular, but none can compete with the legions of fans playing live blackjack.

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