What are the ways to find a blacklisted casino online before playing pokies for real money?

What are the ways to find a blacklisted casino online before playing pokies for real money
What are the ways to find a blacklisted casino online before playing pokies for real money

There are online casinos that are fraud or blacklisted casinos on the web. These online casinos are not legit to play and are a scam. Every players should be beware of such online casinos. But what are the ways to find a blacklisted casino online before playing pokies for real money is the worry for many players. 

This is a grave matter of concern because you have to share your personal and banking details at online casinos to play slots and other casino games with real cash. You’ll also deposit your own hard-earned money here to play real money games. If the casino is rogue or blacklisted then you might lose all your money or get involved in some spam.

So you need to check about the online casino and find if it is legit casino or blacklisted casino

What are the ways to find a blacklisted casino online before playing pokies for real money?

To find a blacklist casino online first you need to search its online presence and go to its website.

Find whether they mention or give information about their licenses or not. Also, find where they are registered and where they operate from.

Casino licenses are big stamps of approval, which means that if a casino isn’t stating information about which license they are using, something is off.

Operators are able to open and run casinos from poorly regulated locations, making them able to take advantage of you. So avoid them at all  cost.

Also you can reach out to their customer support and ask them about their licensing.

Always read the terms and conditions page of the casino where you will also get to know when the online casino with payout your wins and other conditions attached to your deposits and withdrawals as well as the playing of the casino games.

Contact the online casino customer support will also let you know how the staff team operates, which hour of the day or night they help and how much time they take to solve your queries.

The legit online casino offers 24/7 help support with email, live chat or phone number and are quick to response.

Remember the online casinos that try to hide who owns the brand might try to hide more than just their identity. This is a big red flag.

Reading casino reviews is another way to find about blacklisted online casinos in India. Many gaming sites offer true information and the latest reviews of the online casinos in Australia and New Zealand and will you will find much information about the online casinos this way.

Getting actual proof from other players who have visited and played at the site is also a good way to spot a blacklisted casino. Sites such as Trustpilot, Google ratings, Quora, and even Glassdoor can expose casinos that don’t keep what they promise.

What’s more you can even trust and believe your intuition regarding legit and blacklisted online casinos in Australia or New Zealand.

When you visit any online casino its looks, homepage information and other pages on the web of that casino speak a lot about the gaminess of that casino. Websites that look outdated have poor resolution, or very long loading times should be avoided. All of the things mentioned suggests that the site might not only have security flaws but that it’s not going to be able to give you a good gaming experience.

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What will happen if you choose to play real money pokies at a Blacklisted online casino in New Zealand or Australia?

What will happen if you choose to play real money pokies at a Blacklisted online casino in New Zealand or Australia

Signing up and playing at a blacklisted or  rogue casino will make you risk much more than just getting a bad player experience at the tables. The truth is, a bad casino can destroy your experience completely, as well as make you lose money in the process. Not to mention that you’re putting sensitive information, as well as your health, at great risk.

The blacklisted casinos online don’t payout your wins on time or never payout at all. You’ve played, you’ve won, and you’re requesting a withdrawal. All of a sudden, the casino starts delaying things.

Not answering your emails, taking awfully long to process your cashout, or even stating you can’t cash out for some reason are few things that blacklisted casinos online will speak about.

Customer support at Blacklisted casinos online will take long time to answer Generally, long response times or even inexperienced or wrong answers that won’t help are other signs of bad support.

State-of-the-art firewalls, SSL encryption, and secure servers aren’t cheap, but they are essential for a secure site. Small, odd-looking Blacklisted sites will cut corners, and they might just do so by gambling with the security of your personal and financial details. Also Blacklisted online casinos will have fewer games to play.

Thus fraud, Identity theft, and hacking aren’t signs of a good gambling experience!

What to do if you land up playing at a Blacklisted casino online and play real money pokies?

What to do if you land up playing at a Blacklisted casino online and play real money pokies
You can take to Australian courts only if the online casino is registered in Australia

If by ignorance or mistake you have landed up playing at a Blacklisted casino online or if you end up at a dead-end with the operator, you might want to file a complaint to resolve it.

Remember that at your jurisdictions that is in Australia and New Zealand there is no way you can deal with this fraud. As the casinos are offshore casinos or located outside you cannot do much about it. If the online casino is located and licensed in NZ or AU then you can approach it with legal courts or cyber cell in your country.

More often than not, casinos with bad or no licenses will have stayed clear from any third-party companies working with these topics.

Meaning that you’ll be one person fighting a whole company, should you have to. On the other side of the spectrum are legitimate casinos. These are online gambling operators who know what they are doing, and who put you, their player, first.

But in case you the online casino is blacklisted and not paying you your winnings then you can make the complaint at the following:

Write a complaint to the Alternate dispute resolution centre. Every online casino licensed in the UK must appoint an ADR from an approved list published on the UK Gambling Commission website

Using an ADR is a free service. You can only go down this route once you have completed the official complaints procedure of the online casinos.

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For pokies sites, the most common ADR Providers are:

eCORGA: It is  an independent body that upholds standards of fair, responsible and safe gaming. Sites that bear the eCORGA seal have met high standards and are monitored continually to ensure standards are maintained. This organisation also act as an ADR provider for players who have a complaint to raise with any of their approved sites. To escalate a complaint, you must use the official form.

Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS): IBAS is another independent service that will adjudicate where a dispute arises between a player and an operator. They will look at the operator terms and conditions whilst considering your complaint. IBAS will also refer to the conditions of the UK license as laid out by the UK Gambling Commission, and their own conditions of registration to their group. A list of IBAS operators can be found on their website. A ruling by IBAS is not binding on the operator and the customer, but is without prejudice to any legal proceedings that may follow.

Advertising Standards Agency: The ASA uphold standards in advertising across all channels in the UK media –  print, online, TV, and radio. So, in circumstances where your casino complaint is in reference to an advertisement, if you feel that the advertisement was misleading in any way, or unclear in its presentation of terms and conditions associated with the offer, then you may have a case to take to the ASA.

As well as dealing with complaints about misleading advertising, the ASA will also look at those relating to gambling ads that may be deemed to be socially irresponsible because they target under 18s or vulnerable people.

If your complaint is upheld then the advertisement must either be removed or changed.

Gambling Commissions: The gambling commissions that have issued the licenses to the online casinos are another sites to write your casino complaint.

Publish about the casino in social media sites so that other players also know about the blacklisted online casinos. In the event that you cannot resolve your complaint with your online casino, or the appointed ADR, a final resort could be to raise your complaint through the press or social media.

Online gambling and the actions of operators are currently hot topics in the news, and no-one wants to get bad press. Should you choose to  approach one of the national papers or broadcasters, remember that you will need to have a strong and clear case if you are to convince them to report your story.

In social media, you can contact your operator through their twitter handle or facebook page for all their followers to see. This method of ‘embarassing’ the casino into co-opeartion may work, but only turn to it as a last resort. Ultimately, your best options are the standard complaints procedures outlined above.

Askgambler site
Askgambler is one such online forum that helps players register their complaint against bad casinos

Report to casino complaints forums online: There are some really good player forums in the casino industry that you can use when you feel that you have not been treated fairly. Forums are great for advice from fellow gamblers or just to share your frustration. Some of these sites carry a lot of weight and operators will have customer service agents who will be monitoring them to react quickly to any negative posts.

  • Casinomeister is a trusted and respected casino portal that promotes fair, safe and secure gaming. Their forum is one of the most active in the industry, and a great place to share experiences with other players. You can follow threads about pretty much anything casino-related and more.
  • The Pogg is another site to report your complaint. The POGG is an online gambling portal that specialises in thorough and high quality reviews of online casinos. They use mystery shopper, ratings and an auditing service to provide some of the most reliable and exhaustive reviews on the web.
  • They all provide a complaints service. Their in-house ADR official holds Associate level membership with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. You can check their history of disputes, how they were resolved, and what the outcome was on the website.
  • Another popular site is askgamblers forum. It has a huge database of reviews, as well as providing up to date information about the casino industry. They also run the AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service in which they mediate between players and casinos to try to resolve disputes. Their record is impressive in this area. You can start a complaint procedure on their site too.

Finally note that online casinos that are registered with the Malta (MGA) and Curacao licenses are legit to play.

These online casinos are trustworthy casinos offering great games and also payout on time. Both licenses require license-holders to adhere to stringent requirements for security, responsible gambling, and fairness.

Another very good sign that an online casino is legitimate is if they are involved in sponsorships. Sports teams, competitions, and other companies have a reputation of their own. They only allow legitimate and serious companies to sponsor them.

Just as entities have a reputation, so do people, celebrities in this case. Getting a celebrity to promote your brand is a sure sign of legitimacy. For example, LeoVegas makes use of world-famous actor Dolph Lundgren, and Betway uses esports legend Baiano among others.

Also  account verification is actually a sign of a legitimate casino. Casinos have to verify their players to ensure no fraud is being made on their site. This includes requesting documents from those playing to confirm their identity.

This is why a responsible and trustworthy casino will make sure that you play in a healthy manner. They’ll offer responsible gambling tools and options to unsubscribe from promotional communication. Legit casinos are running proper businesses and therefore will showcase their profile on social media platforms as well and at various gambling directories for transparent auditing and reviews.

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