What Are the Biggest Pokies Producers in the UK?

Pokies Producers

When examining England’s gambling industry, it’s easy to see that online gambling is sparking a renaissance. The amount of punters in the UK is staggering, since 63% of adults have gambled in the last year. This impressive amount of participation translated to £14.4 billion in 2018, which was a 4.2% increase from the previous year’s revenue. Even though this industry is growing, one niche is stealing the show. While online gambling only accounted for £5.3 billion, it experienced a shocking 12.8% annual growth. This impressive evolution showcases that more punters are switching to wagering online every year.

As the UK’s online gambling industry continues to expand, a few companies are poised to lead this revolution. Unbeknownst to most punters, many of the country’s main software providers didn’t start on the internet. While some of these heavy weights originated online, many of these companies founded their empires through land based pokies machines. Their intimate relationship with pokies machines allowed them to effortlessly make the transition online. This trend is far from novel, since pokies are the main attraction for online casinos.

To showcase how essential pokies is to online gambling, we compiled a list of the UK’s top pokies producers. While these names are far from obscure, their impact on the industry is more profound than most people think. Through consistent innovations, these companies have become synonymous with gambling in England. Each advancement they make with pokies machines ensures the success of online casinos. They are pioneering a new era of gambling, so discover which companies are leading this revolution!

Top Pokies Producers in the UK

Pokies Producers
This company’s games set the standard for decades.

Company #3: JPM International – For the last forty years, this company has been leading the UK’s pokies industry. Consisting of Crystal and JPM Interactive, they have created some of England’s most iconic slot games. Indiania Jones, Sheerluck Homes, Hagar, The Great Escape and Give Us a Break are some of their most notable releases. While their classics have invaded pubs across the country, one innovation manages to steal the show. 

When JPM introduced their Max Power Video games, they successfully transitioned into arcades. These dual screen gaming terminals build up a prize fund when Max Power symbols land on the payline. Once the pooled jackpot is paid out, the prize value resets to its reserve value. This exciting turnover has made JPM’s machines an essential part of the UK’s gaming industry. It doesn’t get more entertaining than their games, so indulge in their vibrant pokies selection!

Pokies Producers
This conglomerate of manufacturers is impossible to miss.

Company #2: Novomatic UK – This Austrian based company managed to unite the UK’s leading pokies manufacturers under one roof. Astra Games, RLMS Sales, Empire Games, Luxury Leisure and Bell-fruit Games are some of their many sub-companies. Novomatic UK also runs Gamestec, the largest national machine operator in the UK. Through Bell-Fruit Games alone, they have produced over 188,000 pokies machines. They also own Mazooma Interactive Games and Greentube, which are key players in online gaming. These strategic investments ensure that this company stays on top of the UK’s gaming industry as it transitions online.

Pokies Producers
This company has some truly innovative machines.

Company #1: SG Gaming – This premium provider of gaming solutions was created in 2012 when Scientific Games united Barcrest and The Global Draw. While The Global Draw is responsible for introducting server-based gaming, Barcrest fine-tuned analogue fruit machines in the UK. Both of these companies were game changers, so their union had major impacts on the industry. Today SG Gaming provides content and technology for over 20,000 gaming machines across the country. They embody England’s infatuation with pokies, so discover the essence of the industry with their releases!

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