How To Improve Playing Pokies Online So You’ll Feel Like A Pro?

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Based on more than a century of glorious history, Pokies with the advancement of technology has grown as giant in the gambling community of AUS and NZ. They become so popular that more than half of online and land-based casinos are made-up of slot machine games. Offering a wide range of themes with vivid graphics, lively animations, HD quality sound effect, game developers make sure that there is something for every person.

The history of slots

– First developed by a New York company, Sittman and Pitt in 1891
– Charles Fey, a car mechanic from San Francisco introduced the concept of 3-reels slots in 1895
– Herbert Mills, a Chicago-based arcade machine manufacturer built first a fruit machine in 1907
– Bally, a pinball machine manufacturer first invented an electromechanical slot in 1963
– Inge Telnaes, a developer worked for Bally built a program called random number generator (RNG)
– In 1975, the first online video slot was introduced in Las Vegas
– In 1994, with the launch of first online casino, pokies were also been start familiarizing

Rules of playing slot games online

– Be aware of the type of bonus features available
– Familiarize yourself with symbols
– Understand the pay-table and pay-lines as the results are random
– Place your bet and set your denomination to begin a game
– Choose bet size (for minimum and maximum bets) as per your bankroll
– Hit the spin button to start the reels
– Check your casino account for any winnings

Pokies odds – the best!

Pokies have own most popular games award because of their simplicity. Though huge payouts are there but the results are completely random. Skills are not required to play pokies.

The random number generator ensures that each outcome has to fair. So odds of winning have become consistent across all online casinos in AUS and NZ. Each time you have the same fair odds of winning.

Pokies winning strategies

Although the outcome of every spin is independent to each other, then also following points will surely improve your odds.

– Set and stay close to your budget for a specific game round
– Choose your game carefully and place your bet only when you feel comfortable
– Once you select your game, understand the features involved
– Study all terms and conditions associated with your chosen game
– First play for free
– Take help of a betting strategy like, Baby Steps, Ladder, and Play and Run Strategy

Auto spin feature on your iOS and Android devices

– “Start” spinning for a number of times repeatedly and “end” robotically in the auto spin mode
– Increase or decrease the number of spins using “+” and “-“ sign in the auto spin mode
– Reset the number of pay-lines using “Lines” in the auto spin mode
– Click on “Bet Per Line” to add coins
– Select “Bet Max” for activating all paylines available
– “Stop” auto spinning to display the game results and deactivate auto spin mode
– Click on “Gamble” to place a bet and increase your winnings
– “Collect” button appears when you eligible for a payout

Glossary of Poker Machine Terms

– Bonus: A special offer that can allow you to take the chance of additional earnings
– Expanding Wild: A wild symbol that gets bigger to load an entire reel
– Fixed Jackpot: A fixed amount paid out against hitting a particular winning combination on reels
– Maximum Bet: The greatest number of coins and utmost denomination you can bet per spin
– Multiplier: The system in which your winnings get multiplied a precise number of times
– Progressive Jackpot: A jackpot amount that grows proportionately with every bet that is placed
– Payline: The line of symbols on reels that appear in a sequence
– Payout: The sum that the player will get for ending up with a winning payline
– Payout Percentage: The average compensation of the pokie machine over its span of lifetime
– Pay Table: the table that shows the payout details for each exact winning pattern of symbols on reels
– Reels: The rotating section appear on screen with symbols that structure the winning order
– Scatter: A symbol that can be part of winning number sequence on reels
– Sticky Wild: The wild symbol when turn into sticky and don’t move until certain necessities encounter
– Wild: A symbol that can substitute other symbols on reels in order to form a winning pattern

Pokies for real

Once you settle on playing for real, you must need to open an account with casino and furnish your account. Following are the steps to do that.

– Select the real money mode and set up your account in AUD or NZD
– Follow the verification process with casino site for activating your account
– To deposit money in your account, visit the casino cashier
– Choose your preferred deposit method; follow the directions to get approvals
– Get the confirmation on transferring funds
– Claim your welcome bonus on your first deposit and other bonuses up for grab
– Visit the casino lobby to download your favorite online pokies available to play for real

For any further help, please contact casino customer support and read casino T&C very carefully before you start playing for real.


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