How to play real money pokies with cryptocurrencies?

2018 not only saw the rise of Bitcoin online casinos but various other cryptocurrencies have flooded the online casino industry. You can now easily play pokies with real money using Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum, Dogecoins, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dash and many more. For a new player who has never used any of these, the question arises as how to play real money pokies with cryptocurriences. Here we will find and understand the easiest possible way to play real money pokies with this digital currency in 2019. Also note that process for all cryptocurrencies is same when playing pokies, only that their value might have a difference because each cryptcurrency is dependent on market value so have different rates.

When playing real money pokies simply choose any of the cryptocurrency as your mode of payment at Bitcoin casinos. The Bitcoin casinos will convert your bitcoin, litecoin or any other such currency into their base currency that is AUD and the exchange rate will be boldly displayed in the bank interface on the site.

Although you can’t use a bank account, credit card or cheque, avoiding the conventional banking system means transactions are faster. Using conventional currency, cashouts can take days, and cheque deposits up to a week. Bitcoin transactions are usually complete within minutes. Bitcoin casinos have no transaction costs. All transfers are peer-to-peer, so there are no middlemen to pay. Multi-currency casinos often make charges to deposit or withdraw using a credit card, and the providers themselves may have fees. The same can be true for e-Wallets and banks.

Join BTC online casino

Bitcoin casino - play real money pokies

First of all you need to find a good online casino that accepts Bitcoins as deposit mode to fund your casino account. There are many online casinos that accept various cryptocurrencies as well as allow AUD to play pokies with real money. There are also many exclusive Bitcoin casinos that only allows cryptocurrencies to play pokies and other casino games. There is not a much difference on these casinos. So you can choose the one that is legit to play, is well regulated and offers great number of casino games with 24.7 support.

Now you join the casino or register yourself as a player. Once you do this by setting up your email ID, phone, address and other details by filling a short form, you will get a verification or confirmation mail that you are now registered as a player to this online casino.

Make a BTC Deposit

How to make a deposit with BTC to play pokies

Now that you are a member of the casino and ready to play pokies with cryptocurrencies, you should have cryptocurrencies to play pokies.

For that go to any reputed Bitcoin or cryptocurrency exchange to buy the cryptocurrency that you want to play pokies with in real time

You can buy BTC in AUD dollars here or get the best prices to buy BTC by clicking here

Also visit where Australians exchange Bitcoin into AUD dollars

Also  there are three thousand bitcoin ATMs in Australia. Click here to find BTC ATM near you.

Find any wallet online to store your Bitcoins. Once you have got Bitcoins on your wallet you can use  them  at online casino to play pokies in real time.

Now easily select Bitcoin as Deposit mode and make a deposit

The minimum deposit varies from casino to casino

It can be s 0.01 mbtc (0.00001 btc) or equal to $0.08 cents and there is no maximum deposit limit

Also you can grab any Bitcoin bonus that the online casino offers you.

Now go to games lobby

Select the pokies game of your choice or any casino game you want to play in real time either on your mobile, PC or tablet.

When you win playing pokies you get instant wins to your account with same cryptocurrency Bitcoins, litecoins, dogecoins or any.

The minimum withdrawal also varies from casino to casino but is not less than 0.005 btc at many casinos. There is no maximum withdrawal limit.

Before signing up at Bitcoin casinos you should check the following:

  • Bitcoin casinos should be licensed and regulated by authentic gambling commission.
  • The casino should have a provably fair system, and/or uses games from reputable traditional casinos. A provably fair system uses cryptographic techniques to determine the authenticity of a roll and ensure that neither the game, nor the player knows the outcome of a roll prior to the bet.
  • Bitcoin casinos should offer great promotional offers and BTC bonuses.
  • The game play and interface should be user-friendly and can be played with various devices like mobile and tablet.

Finally remember to ask the customer support at the online casino for any help you require to make a deposit with BTC or any such currency via chat, phone or email.

Cryptocurrencies popular at online casinos to play pokies with real money



Litecoin has been around since 2011 and recently has increased massively in popularity for offering the same benefits as Bitcoin but with even faster transaction times with even lower fees. As with Bitcoin it is used to trade exactly the same way you use your dollars online. You can both deposit and withdraw in Litecoin at casinos, enjoying almost instant deposits and next working-day withdrawals.

All you need is to set up a Litecoin Wallet. This takes seconds so you can start sending and receiving litecoins today. There are many different options, Electrum and Jaxx both popular choices for their capacity to store multiple cryptocurrencies on your PC or mobile.

You can purchase Litecoin at popular exchanges Bitstamp and GDAX using credit card, PayPal, bank transfer. Or you can buy Litecoin using Bitcoin. In Australia you can buy Litecoins here.

Now at the casino select Litecoin as your payment method in the Cashier. Use the provided address to send the desired deposit amount from your cryptocurrency wallet to your casino account. You can also scan the QR code with your mobile payments are set up.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash

You can trade with Bitcoin Cash online just as you would with dollars, or any other cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash deposits are instant, and withdrawals are processed the next working day.

All you need is to set up a Bitcoin Cash Wallet This first step takes seconds and there are several different wallet options you can choose from. Digital wallet Jaxx and hardware wallet Trezor are good choices for their ability to support multiple cryptocurrencies.

Bitstamp and Bittrex or Coinspot are recommended exchanges for purchasing Bitcoin Cash. You can use credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, or buy Bitcoin Cash with your existing Bitcoin.

Select Bitcoin Cash as your payment method in the Cashier at online casinos. Send the desired deposit amount from your cryptocurrency wallet to the Bitcoin Cash address provided in the Cashier. Your balance will update instantly. Alternatively you can scan the QR code with your mobile, if you have set up mobile payments.

Remember Bitcoin Cash deposits are instant and withdrawals are processed the next business day.



Ethereum is another cyrptoucurrency that is widely used now at online casinos and it’s processing speed is 15-30 seconds which due to a program called Ghost Protocol made it so both transactions times and fees are very small.

Just like any other cryptocurrency you can purchase any amount of Ethereum you want by using a cryptocurrency exchange. Some of the best ones available out there are Coinbase, Bitfinex, and BitPanda. All three of those support credit/debit cards and bank accounts to provide their services. Now store them at eWallet. There are plenty of choices if you want to buy for more security of your currency, like the Ledger Nano S, the TREZOR, or the KeepKey. Although, most major cryptocurrency exchanges hold most of their customers’ funds in secure cold storage that can’t be hacked and thus stolen. Now simply go to cashier at online casino, choose Ethereum as deposit mode and do your casino funding.



Many online casinos now also use Dogecoins. By definition the Dogecoin is “an open source digital currency” that is not and cannot be controlled by the government because it is decentralized. Like other crypto, digital currencies the Dogecoin too offers completely anonymous transactions and extreme safety.

In order to have dogecoins you need to have a digital wallet, which is stored on your computer, your smartphone, or it can even be stored on your website. To get dogecoins you have to buy them using traditional currencies like Australian Dollars, from online exchanges. But, be careful and pay attention to the changing exchange rate.

First get a wallet, which you can do via the official Dogecoin website. Now buy some dogecoins via online exchanges. Once you have Doge you can make a deposit at casino cashier and play pokies with real money


Bitcoin pokies

Bitcoin is very popular at online casinos and best choice for pokeis players. Convenient and secure, you use this digital currency just as you would dollars.

Like any other cryptocurrency you have to open a Bitcoin Wallet. This allows you to send and receive bitcoin payments, and is done in a matter of minutes. There are several wallets you can choose, this extensive list gives you the full range of options and you buy and sell directly from within. This makes it is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to manage your digital funds. Use credit card or bank transfer to purchase bitcoins and send to your wallet be it Coinbase, Cointree and Bitstamp,

Go to Cashier, select Bitcoin as payment method and the amount you want to deposit in AUD or USD. Use your wallet to complete the transaction with PC or mobile. Bitcoins are automatically added to your cash balance in AUD or USD, via an exchange rate calculated at an average of the top three bitcoin exchanges and updated every 15 minutes.

The best part for players is that all Bitcoin withdrawals are processed the very next working day, whether or not they result from Bitcoin deposits.

Finally if you ask which cryptocurrency is best to use to play pokies then the fastest and most secure payment methods, with minimal fees, is Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash. You can play pokies at Rich Casino, Slotland casino, 7 Reels Casino, Superior casino, Coolcat casino, Bitstarz and many others which are all Aussie friendly to play pokies with real money using cryptocurrencies.

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