What are casino bonuses and what should I be aware of?

One of the first things that the visitors to the online casinos will notice is the offers of free money. This is one of the major draws that many online casinos depend on to bring in more members. Even many online casinos are now offering play for fun to Australian players with free credit bonuses. Like Royal Vegas Casino offers 5000 free credits to new players to enjoy their play for fun casino games. Similarly Jackpot city casino is offering 400 free credits to play and enjoy wonderful pokies all free.

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The visitors to casinos will see offers that include the word earn up to $$$ in big bold letters with a mention of the words welcome bonus. It will make the visitor wonder what are casino bonuses and what do they need to know about them

Welcome bonuses

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Online casinos offer these bonuses to get players to try them out. The welcome bonuses can come in several forms, but there are three that are most common.

Matching deposit – The most common form of welcome bonus. The online casino will match the first deposits that a member makes. The number of deposits that they will match will vary from one casino to another. The percentage and the amount that they will match will also vary. When looking at these bonuses look for the amount of a deposit they will match up to. The promotion will usually state that a deposit of up to a certain amount (such as up to $500) will be matched. They will also say they will match the deposit at a percentage such as 200% of the deposit.

For a player this may mean that a $500 deposit would give them $1,000 in casino cash. There will also be restrictions on how the money can be used. A player cannot withdrawal the bonus money they have received, it can only be used to play games at the casino.

There are casinos that also limit the machines and games that the player can use the casino cash on. Players can usually withdrawal the money they win with the casino cash although there may be restrictions placed on how much a player has to wager before they can withdrawal the money they have won.

No deposit bonus – Some online casinos offer a no deposit bonus. The player is given the casino cash simply for joining the casino. This casino cash will carry the same restrictions as the matching deposit casino cash and offers players a chance to win and take the money they win.

Free spins – Online casinos will give a player free spins on specific pokies. The player and take the money they win with these spins although there are some restrictions that could prevent this.

Weekly promotions

Online casinos reward their regular members with weekly, monthly and other promotions. These can come in the form of matching deposits, tournaments casino cash for specific types of games and other ways that the player can enjoy the games without risking their own money. There will always be restrictions placed on how much a player can get and how they can get any money they win.

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Loyalty rewards

Players are rewarded for playing at the casino. They earn comp points every time they play the games. The comp points can be redeemed for casino cash.

Payment method bonuses

Some casinos offer a bonus for the players that use certain types of payment methods. They will add an additional 10% or 15% to deposits made with these methods.

In order to take advantage of the bonuses casinos offer, it is important to read through it thoroughly. That is the best way to take advantage of the free money while dealing with the restrictions that may be in place.

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