Can I Play PokerStars On Android for Real Money?


Thanks to Pokerstars’ Android app, playing poker for real money on mobile devices isn’t just for iOS users. The demand for Android options was overwhelming, which is why their developers provided an excellent alternative. This major poker platform offers exclusive versions that are tailor-made for all of our favorite devices. Whether you prefer playing on a tablet or a smartphone, PokerStars has you covered. The APK download allows users from any brand to participate in a slew of poker games. These showdowns set the stage for punters from around the world to compete for cash.

To truly understand the possibilities, it’s essential to examine the platform. Pokerstars is one of the most notorious online cardrooms in the world. Originally founded by the Scheinberg family in 2001, they quickly moved from Costa Rica to the Isle of Man. This transfer was done for the wildly appealing 0% corporate tax & freedom from restrictions involving U.S. players. Providing interactive poker tournaments online proved to be a hit, and by 2006 the company was worth $2 billion. They broke numerous records for the largest online tournaments and produced the 2003 World Series of Poker champion, Chris Moneymaker.

Through purchasing competitors and defying regulations in the US, PokerStars became the biggest online poker room in the world. Due to their strategic location, Pokerstars was able to continue serving American clients while their competition PartyPoker went under. After dodging the enforcement of America’s war on online gambling, PokerStars continued to dominate the industry. They set records in 2009, 2011, & 2013 for hosting the biggest poker tournaments online. This wild success caught the eye of The Stars Group, who purchased PokerStars for $4.9 billion in 2014.

Now that it’s backed by major corporations, the future looks bright for PokerStars. They have proven to be untouchable by international regulations and their popularity is unmatched. Currently they have apps available for iOS & Android, which opens doors for any mobile user to win real money. Despite being a household name, this daring company remains shrouded in mystery. To help clear the air for curious punters, we compiled a list of frequently asked questions about PokerStars. This company pioneered online poker tournaments, so discover why you should download their app!

Top Questions About PokerStars


After paying out 100 billion hands, it’s safe to say that PokerStars is legitimate.

Question #1: Is PokerStars Legitimate? – Yes, PokerStars is the most established online poker room in the world. Ever since 2001, they have recorded every real money hand transaction. While it started slowly, this database grew exponentially as the fan base exploded. They reached 100 billion hands on June 13th, 2013. Even after honoring this staggering amount of transactions, they continue to serve millions of players every year.


PokerStars was built online, so it’s no surprise that their mobile apps are great.

Question #2: Is the App Reliable? – The iOS & Android PokerStars apps have been streamlined for both devices. Players can enjoy seamless access to ring games, Sit & Go’s as well as tournaments for every imaginable skill level. Both apps allow players to chat & receive quick seating through tablets & mobile devices. Their apps are free to download, so don’t miss out on the action!


Every major payment method is accepted.

Question #3: How Do I Deposit & Withdraw Cash? – To streamline the payment process PokerStars integrated Mobile Cashier into their apps. This innovative feature allows users to make & receive payments through mobile devices. To get started, users hook up a payment method to their PokerStars account on the app. From there they can deposit or withdraw funds whenever they want. It’s never been easier to play online poker with real money, so hook up a payment plan & bet wisely.

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