Best Ways to Save Money at DoubleU Casino

Out of all the social casinos exploding in popularity on Facebook, none have made a bigger impact than DoubleU Casino. Ever since it debuted in 2012, this innovative Seoul-based gaming platform has taken the industry by storm. Currently their Facebook page has 4.2 million likes and over 2.4 million active monthly players. This staggering amount of traffic has proven to be quite profitable, since DoubleU Games enjoys $137 million in annual revenue. The Korean gaming giant bought International Game Technology’s subsidiary Double Down Interactive for $825 million in 2017. Thanks to this aggressive expansion, Double U Games dominates the industry.

Even though business is booming for DoubleU Casino, this revenue isn’t coming from real money bets. This social casino is free to play, so it generates its income through in-app purchases and advertising. Despite the fact that this game is free to play, there are plenty of ways punters can save money. While most people approach social gaming flippantly, this is a surprisingly costly mistake. Having a plan can make a massive difference, especially for problem gamblers.

By utilizing a few proven tips, players can avoid resorting to purchasing extra credits. In an era where most punters are strapped for cash, this is welcome news. To help our readers make the most out of their gaming time, we compiled a list of tips for using DoubleU Casino. Adopting these recommendations make their robust selection of games even more enjoyable, so stop guessing and play like a pro!

Top Tips for DoubleU Casino

DoubleU Casino

Don’t get too cocky during poker rounds.

Tip #3: Play it Safe with Video Poker – DoubleU Casino boasts three variations of video poker; Deuces Wild, Bonus and Jacks or Better. While it’s easy to get carried away in this seductive setting, it’s better to bet low. The odds are noticeably lower on these games, since it’s the most modern feature of the online casino. Even if you have a sure three-of-a-kind, the best option to avoid losing is hold on all of those cards. There’s no reason to risk betting big on a hand, so play cautiously when indulging in video poker.

DoubleU Casino

Their slot selection has plenty of bonus options.

Tip #2: Stick with Pokies – Even though every imaginable casino game is featured on the platform, one manages to steal the show. With over 40 different themes to choose from, pokies is the undisputed main attraction. On top of having a great selection, pokies games in DoubleU Casino boast plenty of bonus features. Every time three scatters are rolled, users instantly get access to a mini-game. These provide anything from extra multipliers to bonus spins, which makes them surprisingly lucrative to engage in.

Users also automatically get signed up for the Slotourney, which starts a race to acquire stars during a 24-hour window. This can lead to jackpots and bonuses, depending on how many stars are accumulated. All these perks make it essential to play slots at DoubleU Casino, so don’t miss out on the action!

DoubleU Casino

Take advantage of the perks of connecting to Facebook.

Tip #1: Connect to Facebook – While some may be hesitant to connect DoubleU Casino to their personal Facebook profile, there are plenty of reasons to. Users get bonuses for inviting their friends and can even compete against them on the platform. Connecting to your Facebook account also creates instant backups, which automatically saves users’ progress and account information. This is a godsend, since DoubleU Casino routinely experiences server resets. Make sure your progress remains intact by connecting to Facebook!

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