What Are the Best Pokies Games in 2019?

Last year the online casino industry experienced unprecedented growth, so it’s no surprise that it brought some epic pokies releases. In 2018, the online gaming market volume reached a staggering $51.96 billion. This is a noticeable increase from the previous year, where the industry was worth $47.11 billion. It’s set to reach $55.19 billion in 2019, which means punters can expect plenty of new developments this year. From online casino debuts to innovative software updates, the online gambling industry is set to keep reinventing itself.

Out of all the potential improvements, none are more exciting than the new generation of pokies options. Boasting a slew of innovative features, online pokies have come a long way from their classic predecessors. From videos to 3D graphics, each year the quality of pokies games becomes noticeably more impressive. These features are complimented by wild storylines and enticing bonus rounds. All these improvements have paved the way for some truly exceptional pokies releases.

To showcase how quickly the industry is evolving, we compiled a list of the best pokies games in 2019. From being based on blockbuster hits to exploring new adventures, each entry boasts a storyline that will blow users away. These releases took 2018 by storm, which makes them impossible for any respectable punter to ignore. There are too many quality releases to continue playing the same pokies games. For this reason, spice up 2019 with the best pokies options available online!

Top Pokies Games in 2019

Pokies Games
Join Gonzo on the hunt for El Dorado.

Pokies Theme #3: Gonzo’s Quest – Through a series of plot twists, this NetEnt release take punters on an exciting expedition that cuts through the heart of South America. Users are enlisted to help Gonzo the Spanish conquistador find El Dorado, the mythical city of gold. When playing this exciting release, it’s obvious that NetEnt didn’t overlook any of the details. This game boasts 5 cascading reels and 20 paylines that are filled with 3D images that routinely come to life with animations. These icons are complimented by multipliers that allow users to win up to 5 times their original bet.

While the graphics are breathtaking, the hidden bonuses are even more enticing. On top of the usual multipliers, users routinely get treated to up to 20 free spins. These drastically increase the chances of hitting the jackpot which rewards players 1,850 times their original bet. This game offers a generous 96% RTP that makes this 3D video slot too enticing to ignore. Get a piece of the action by embarking on this lucrative adventure!

Pokies Games
Experience an exciting new faucet of this beloved feature film.

Pokies Theme #2: Jumanji – NetEnt and Sony teamed up to create this highly anticipated pokies variation of a timeless blockbuster classic. Armed with multiple perks and plenty of familiar features, this game has everything punters crave. Their 5 reels are packed with 36 paylines that feature multiple symbols that will make users reminisce. On top of offering a welcome dose of nostalgia, this game offers a massive jackpot of up to 1,000 times the original bet. With a 96.33% RTP and plenty of free spins and wilds, this well-crafted adventure is ready to take punters back to the 90’s.

Pokies Games
Solve this mystery and win a massive jackpot.

Pokies Theme #1: Holmes & the Stolen Stones – By deviating from the traditional setup, Yggdrasil Gaming provides a refreshing break from boring progressive jackpot games. Instead of having 3 reels with a wild being the only illuminating detail, this video slot is bursting at the seams with vibrant features. Punters get to join Sherlock Holmes on an exhilarating quest to find the missing stones within 5 reels and 3 horizontal rows. Collecting all 5 crystals unlocks a larger-than-life progressive jackpot of 24,000 credits. This game features an unusually high 96.8% RTP, which makes it a mystery that’s extremely advantageous to solve.

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