Top Places to Play Pokies in South Korea

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Out of all the places for punters to visit in Asia, South Korea is quickly emerging as a leading destination. Multiple integrated resorts are springing up across the country, which is an interesting twist given the country’s conflicted relationship with gambling. While foreigners are free to visit the 30 licensed casinos, nationals are only allowed to visit one of them. Koreans who break the law face a stiff 3 year prison sentence, which is ironic given how many other faucets of gambling are legal. Horse racing, lotteries and boat racing are all legal for everyone, but casinos remain taboo for the main population.

Despite this peculiar enforcement, South Korea’s strict limitations due little to dampen their booming gambling industry. Thanks to Beijing’s crackdown on Macau’s casinos, the rest of Asia is getting flooded with Chinese gamblers. Over a million tourists visited South Korea’s casinos between January and August of 2016, which marked a shift in the country’s gambling industry. As the number of foreigners flocking to South Korean casinos increases, so is the presence of international companies. In 2018 alone, South Korean casinos generated 1.4 trillion SK won ($1.19 billion) in revenue. This impressive figure hasn’t gone unnoticed, and developers are scrambling to cash in on this flourishing industry. 

Fresh interest from foreign corporations is paving the way for some truly spectacular casinos throughout South Korea. Foreign visitors have over 30 casinos to choose from that range from small venues to larger than life integrated resorts. Boasting a combined total of 4,669 pokies machines and 1,550 table games, the amount of gaming options is exceptional. To showcase what’s available, we compiled a list of the best places to play pokies in South Korea. This country is quickly evolving into a punters’ paradise, so don’t miss out on the action!

Best Casinos in South Korea

South Korea
This sprawling collection of resorts has a massive amount of amenities.

Casino #3: Jeju Shinhwa World (239 Slots) – When this sprawling collection of 4 luxury resorts launched, they transformed Jeju Island into a punters’ paradise. Spanning 2.5 million square meters, this complex has it all. Visitors can indulge in various convention centers, shopping complexes and a full-fledged waterpark. There are also 344 housing units that have everything from fitness centers to wine cellars. There are also multiple restaurants, play areas for children and a nightclub. All this is complimented by a 107,639 square foot casino, which provides 155 table games and 239 pokies machines. Few venues in the world can compete with this level of decadence, so come experience this larger than life vacation complex!

Paradise Casino
This extravagant casino showcases the elegance of South Korea’s gaming industry.

Casino #2: Paradise City Casino Yeongjong (285 Slots) – It doesn’t matter if you are traveling alone or with the entire family, this venue has something for everyone. Sega Sammy Holdings and Paradise Co. Ltd teamed up to make this daring project a reality. This fusion of Japanese and South Korean hospitality proved to be a winning combination. Patrons have access to a 711-room luxury hotel, 103-room boutique hotel, commercial facilities and a premium spa. Despite being surrounded by breathtaking amenities, the 145,883 square foot casino is where this complex shines. Punters can pick between 285 pokies machines and 154 table games. It’s impossible to lose with this many options, so take your vacation to the next level with this resort.

South Korea
Play alongside locals and tourists alike at this breathtaking venue!

Casino #1: Kangwon Land Casino & Hotel (1,360 Slots) – Due to its strategic location and profound impact on the economy, this is the only casino that caters to both nationals and foreigners. This open access proved to be a hit, since this casino accounts for roughly half of South Korea’s gaming revenue. It’s located at the foot of High1 Ski and Golf resort in Sapuk-eup, Jeongseongun. It’s the largest casino in the nation, and provides an unparalleled gaming experience. Their impressive lineup of 200 table games is only outdone by their massive pokies selection. They offer over 1,360 gaming machines, so come enjoy unmatched options in a delightfully diverse setting.

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