Which Australian Casinos Attract The Most Visitors?

Australian Casinos

When it comes to tourist attractions in Australia, an illustrious line of internationally recognized casinos steal the show. From pristine beaches to the sprawling outback, our country boasts some of the world’s most geographically diverse attractions. Despite being absolutely breathtaking, these natural wonders can’t compete with Australia’s gambling industry. Against all odds, multiple casinos attract more visitors than the Sydney Opera House, Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef every year. Australia’s top three tourist attractions are casinos, and there’s no sign that they are giving up their spots any time soon.

Even though the popularity of Australia’s casinos is impressive, it’s far from shocking once their amenities are analyzed. While hundreds of smaller venues are scattered throughout the country, twenty full scale casinos steal the show. Boasting larger than life entertainment options and luxury dining areas, each casino is a full fledged resort. These sprawling venues operate in all eight states, which makes them the biggest attractions in each region. Consisting of 405 table games and 2,565 pokies and video poker options, Victoria has the most gaming options of any state.

While the number of games continues to increase, the majority of tourists visit the same three casinos. By attracting millions of visitors every year, these attractions dominate Australia’s tourism industry. On top of being impressive, these figures makes them crucial contributors to the Australian economy. To highlight which casinos are influencing Australia’s tourism, we compiled a list of the most visited casinos. Each entry on this list is a spectacle to behold, so prepare to be impressed! 

Australian Casinos With the Most Visitors

Australian Casinos
This venue provides a welcome escape from Sydney’s draconian lockout laws.

Casino #3: The Star Casino Sydney (9 million visitors) – Between its amenities and sprawling game floor, this casino is large enough for the average punter to get lost in. Owned and operated by Star Entertainment, this is the second largest casino in Australia. When examining the options, this isn’t surprising. Visitors can choose between 5 fine dining restaurants, 8 grab and go food stalls, 2 nightclubs, 7 bars and 8 casual restaurants. All these options are complimented by 3 luxury hotels, 1 full-service spa and a $100 million 3,000-seat Event Centre. 

The gaming options are just as impressive, since no casino game is neglected. Their 104,000 square foot game floor is spread out over two floors, with one containing its own restaurant. These areas are bursting at the seams with 1,490 electronic gaming machines and 140 table games. With a lineup this robust, it’s no surprise that the Star is Australia’s third most popular attraction. Every year 9 million people try their luck here, which puts the Sydney Opera house to shame!

Australian Casinos
Visiting this sprawling casino is an experience.

Casino #2: The Star Gold Coast (10.6 million visitors) – Even though this casino underwent a major name change, none of its amenities were sacrificed. Formerly known as Jupiters Casino, this venue has been captivating visitors for decades. Their five star accommodations range from 596 suites to private cabanas. While these amenities are impressive, they pale in comparison to their gaming options. In total, their 65,000 square foot game floor has 1,600 pokies machines, 70 table games and 2 poker tables. Combined with its stunning view of the beach, this casino is well worth visiting!

Australian Casinos
This complex is so massive that it’s easy to forget you are inside of a casino.

Casino #1: Crown Casino & Entertainment Complex Melbourne (10.9 million visitors) – This mega-resort is nestled on the South Bank of the Yarra River. On top of providing stunning views of the bay, this complex overwhelms visitors with options. Punters get to pick between 37 restaurants, 15 bars, 13 cinema theaters, 3 nightclubs, 2 spas, 1 bowling center and an interactive game arcade. There’s also a full-blown retail shopping center, concert hall and swimming pools. In total the 3 hotels on premises offer 1,600 hotel rooms, so there’s plenty of excuses to stay the night. Many of the areas are family friendly, which allows anyone to get lost in this sprawling wonderland.

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