Meet The Most Influential World Pokies Developers

Pokies Developers

As the popularity of online gambling continues to soar, a couple of pokies companies are leading the revolution. In just two decades, what started as a small niche has evolved into a massive multi-billion-dollar industry. Now that the average person spends up to 40 hours a week on their mobile devices, the stage is set for even more growth. As betting platforms become increasingly vivid and interactive, they are able to captivate a wider demographic of users. While the global online gambling market was worth $45.8 billion in 2017, it’s set to reach $94.4 billion by 2024.

The sensational growth of the online gambling industry is fueled by the public’s love of pokies. Boasting fun themes and video graphics, pokies are easily the most attractive niche of games that online casinos offer. They were made to be appealing on screens, which is why their popularity isn’t surprising. Their ability to captivate users from all walks of life makes pokies are the main factor in the online gambling industry’s success. To further solidify their role in this trend, pokies development is getting more complex every year. Their evolution has just begun, and so has the true potential of pokies’ appeal.

While the number of games are endless, only a few companies are championing pokies. These developers are redefining what’s considered possible by creating pokies games that are extraordinary. From blockbuster releases to innovative developments, their entertaining themes are routinely setting the standard. Many punters are unfamiliar with how big of an impact these companies make, which is why we created this list. Prepare to be introduced to the biggest influencers in the industry by exploring the largest pokies developers online!

Top Pokies Developers Online

Pokies Developers
Yggdrasil has stolen the spotlight with some truly innovative releases.

Developer #3: Yggdrasil Gaming – Named after the world tree of Norse mythology, this company has experienced impressive international growth. Despite being a relative newcomer in the industry, they have blown users away with their robust lineup of games. While their catalogue of releases covers most casino games, pokies is where they truly shine. Valley of the Gods, Jungle Books, Easter Island, Spina Colada and Rainbow Ryan are just a few of their most treasured releases.

By putting an extra emphasis on graphics, Yggdrasil Gaming has taken the industry by storm. The creativity of their games are unmatched, which puts them on par with noticeably larger companies. Each of their releases boast different programming languages, which makes them compatible on multiple platforms and devices. To top it off, their games are complimented by proper certification and some of the highest RTP’s in the industry. In a short amount of time, this company has made a huge impact on pokies. Judging on what they have already accomplished, it will be exciting to see what the achieve next.

Pokies Developers
This company has become synonymous with online pokies.

Developer #2: NetEnt – When browsing games at online casinos, it’s impossible to miss this Swedish Company’s releases. This isn’t surprising, since this is one of the most popular gaming software available. Ever since it was founded in 1996, Net Entertainment has consistently developed exceptional games. From Starburst to Gonzo’s Quest, their releases maintain positions as some of the most popular games available. 

What truly makes this company unique is the consistency that’s achieved with each of their games. Without fail, NetEnt releases boast superb graphics, great soundtracks and quirky themes. These crucial features are indispensable when creating quality pokies games. NetEnt’s unshakable formula is so successful that they are traded on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. Each year they unveil new classics, so keep an eye out for their exceptional releases!

Pokies Developers
Mega Moolah forever changed online progressive jackpots.

Developer #1: Microgaming – Out of all the existing developers, none have made a more profound impact on pokies than Microgaming. Since their debut in 1994, they have released over 900 games. While all of them were hits, none changed the game like Mega Moolah. Boasting never-before seen features, Mega Moolah took online progressive jackpots to new heights. To date, the game’s jackpots have paid out over $500 million to players. This staggering statistic makes Mega Moolah the most lucrative pokies game of all-time.

On top of engineering larger than life payouts, Microgaming also created game changing software. In 2002, they unveiled The Viper software. Over the years, this innovative type of software became the standard for online pokies games. To this day, Microgaming’s influence continues to echo throughout the industry. It’s hard to lose with an industry pioneer, so place your bets in one of their many quality themes!

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