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Reminisce With Wizard of Oz Slots

The Wizard of Oz captivated millions of fans as a movie, & now it’s taking over Facebook. Zynga reinvented this epic storyline by transforming it into an interactive slot game. Going down the yellow brick road features the same characters, but now everyone is on a quest to get rich. Millions of users have embraced this game, with over 500,000 users participating every month. This innovative slot game features big payouts, free spins, mega wilds & one of the most adored stories in Hollywood’s history.

The hype may have died down, but hundreds of thousands of players still use this app. We decided to see if it still lived up to its notoriety, so we dove headfirst into the game. Take fresh look at one of Facebook’s most revered slot games!

Wizard of Oz Slots Gameplay

Wizard of Oz Slots

The level up came quick!

As soon as the game loaded, I was confronted with an epic lobby. Apparently you play the first 10 levels as Dorothy & Toto, from there you enter Munchkinland. Curious to see what the game had in store for me, I quickly entered the game as Dorothy & Toto. As the screen darkened, I felt like I was being drawn into the first scene of the Wizard of Oz. Everything was black & white, and the reels spun furiously on the side of Dorothy’s house. After a series of spins, I hit multiple tornados & leveled up!

Wizard of Oz Slots

This epic win put me back in the game.

This won me a higher max bet & another piece of the story. After I accepted my level up, the screen cut into a movie. The tornado swept the house off its foundation & hurled us into an enchanting wonderland. The screen came to life with colors, & I was awarded multiple free spins! By the end of the free spins, I had accrued 702,000 coins! This was a landmark victory for me. But before I could celebrate, I was pulled back into the game…

Wizard of Oz Slots

This bonus game was filled with surprises!

This time I was pulled back into the past, where everything was before the tornado. Once again everything was plunged into black & white. I was extremely puzzled, but I kept playing like a champion. After a few half hearted spins I reached level 3! From there I continued to spin by Dorothy’s house. Before I could ask questions, I was thrown head first into an interesting bonus game. There were multiple baskets jumping up & down, so I had to pick which one contained Dorothy’s dog. Each basket I picked had a different sum of credits. In the end I failed to locate Dorothy’s dog, but I did manage to win 177,000 credits! This landmark victory put me back on track.

Wizard of Oz Slots

I was advancing rapidly up the ranks!

After multiple spins, I leveled up again! This put me at level 4, & things were getting serious. I was awarded a higher max bet, which made it easier to advance the storyline. Even though this was an intense game, after another hour I decided to call it quits. I had to get out of this dreamland & back to reality!

Overall Review

This game is absolutely incredible! It’s rare to find a game that does a major motion picture justice. On top of remaining loyal to the storyline, it also offers a whole new twist on slots. The graphics were superb, & the game is filled with enough bonus rounds to keep things interesting. Throw in the high-quality videos & you have a slot game that can entice even the most reluctant player!

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