Dive Into Panda Slots With This Epic Review

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There are many pokies apps on Facebook, but few are as lovable as Panda Slots. This game offers a slew of slots that take you on an Oriental adventure. It also features a cornucopia of bonus games that keep the game fresh. Of course, the game also revolves around pandas & Chinese folklore. This unique theme has swooned punters around the world. To this day they still captivate 10,000 players a month. We decided to see if the game was as intriguing as the die hard fans claim. Enjoy our in-depth review of Panda Slots, it may become your next favorite pokies game!

Panda Slots Gameplay

Panda Slots

These options looked enticing!

As soon as the game loaded I was greeted with a slew of options. There were at least 7 slot games to choose from. Many of them were Asian themed, & some dabbled in Greek folklore. I decided to get in the spirit by picking Panda Fortune.

Panda Slots

This bonus game put me face to face with destiny.

The theme didn’t disappoint. I was plunged head first into a Chinese wonderland. The screen came to life with coy fishes, pandas, dragons & bamboo huts. After a few spins I was invited into a bonus round. There were numerous fortune cookies, & I was instructed to try my luck by picking one. The first cookie I picked said the best was yet to come. The next cookie said I was about to get rich. The third cookie told me better luck next time. Slightly disappointed, I collected my 150 coins & returned to the game.

Panda Slots

This was an interesting stroke of luck.

After a few spins, I was awarded a level up! This won me 350 coins, a bonus & a max bet increase. Emboldened by this new turn of events, I continued spinning. To raise the stakes I increased my max bet. This bold move was payed off, I won 5 free spins on the first try! Curiously, on my first free spin I won 5 more free spins. This baffled me, but I was willing to accept any stroke of luck. Sure enough, in total I had 10 free spins that netted me 350 coins!

Panda Slots

This put me back in the game!

My next spin turned out to be more lucrative than all 10 free spins combined. Upon spinning, I was awarded another level up! This gave me 400 coins, a higher max bet & a fresh will to keep playing. I also unlocked a new game called 3 dragons. Curious to see where this would take me, I gladly accepted a new level. Unsurprisingly, 3 dragons was a level that was absolutely packed with Chinese folklore. I raised my max bet & went all out.

Panda Slots

1600 credits goes fast at 300 a spin!

Unfortunately, that wasn’t a wise move. After about 5 spins that won me absolutely nothing I was completely out of coins. Panda Slots jumped at the chance to sell me coins. But I wasn’t about to buy into the game, so I politely declined & exited Panda Slots.

Overall Review

Panda Slots is a fun game that’s full of interesting bonus levels. However, it’s easy to get too cocky & run out of coins. As long as you can stay conservative you will stay in the game. Even though that isn’t my style, I still appreciated the game’s fun themes. All in all this is a great game to kill some time while polishing up on Eastern superstitions.

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