Celebrate Christmas with These Holiday Slots

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When it comes to online gambling, no holiday has a bigger impact than Christmas. This is one of the most lucrative times of the year for retailers, and online casinos are no exception. The stakes are high, which paves the way for plenty of holiday slots. While  Aussies spend a staggering $25 billion on Christmas, it pales with what’s being generated in the U.S. Americans are set to spend $465 billion, and this seasonal excess echoes throughout the world. Between presents, travel and decorations, Christmas is one of the biggest entrepreneurial showdowns in the world. 

Out of all the faucets of this holiday bonanza, none are more overlooked than online gambling. Even though retails sales steal the show, an impressive amount of money is wagered online. This is due to multiple factors that range from easy mobile access to the rising popularity of online casinos. Christmas is a make or break time for many businesses, and this inconvenient truth isn’t lost on casino developers. Intent on cashing in on the holidays, countless pokies themes are created that revolve around Christmas.

To showcase how dependent the gambling industry is on the holidays, we compiled a list of the top holiday pokies themes. Through a combination of festive storylines and premium graphics, these games embody the entrepreneurial spirit of the season. Their popularity is a testament to their quality, since they have consistently enchanted punters from around the world. Discover which games can’t be missed by diving into this list of epic holiday slots!

Best Holiday Slots Themes in 2019

Christmas Pokies
Discover how this theme unintentionally shook up the industry.

Slot #3: Secrets of Christmas (NetEnt) – Thanks to its festive approach and creative design, this 25 fixed pay-line game is a great way to usher in the holidays. Through a series of fun additions, NetEnt managed to reinvigorate various staples of Christmas. From glasses of milk to notes for Santa, this game transforms all of the most routine faucets of the season into potentially lucrative spins. The reels are graced with a slew of familiar features and complimented with an exceptional bonus game. This traditional approach proved to be a hit, since this game has generated rave reviews ever since its release. NetEnt showcased all of our favorite aspects of the holidays, so test your luck with this delightfully festive holiday theme!

Holiday Slots
Treat your senses with unforgettable prizes!

Slot #2: Happy Holidays (Microgaming) – Out of all the ways to spice up the holidays, this game steals the show. It was obvious that Microgaming was feeling generous when creating this theme, since they provided 1,024 ways to win. These triggers are scattered throughout 243 paylines, which allows users to win big during the holidays. As if these features weren’t enough, Micrograming added in various scatters and a free spin triggers. There’s also a Frosty Feature that converts random symbols into wilds. All these perks are complimented by a well developed theme that’s filled with holiday cheer. It’s never too late to make the end of the year memorable, so test your luck with this delightfully fun theme! 

A Christmas Carol
This game immerses punters into a classic holiday tale.

Slot #1: A Christmas Carol (Betsoft) – There are plenty of Christmas themed slots, but none compare to A Christmas Carol. By expertly transitioning Charles Dickens novel to the reels, Betsoft gives punters a festive way to indulge in this timeless classic. Between its flawless graphics and catchy soundtrack, this game reminds users why Betsoft is leading the industry. They also award free spins through the Ghost of Christmas Past, which adds a fun dynamic to the theme. Thanks to the various integrations of this holiday tale, each spin is an adventure. The only thing better than reminiscing on a classic is winning big, so put your faith in A Christmas Carol!

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