Examine the Top Casinos In Cotai


Even though Macau is Asia’s most notorious gambling mecca, a neighboring area is poised to steal the show. Located on the reclaimed land on top of Seac Pai Bay, Cotai is quickly becoming Macau’s salvation. Due to the lack of space in Macau’s densely populated neighborhoods, integrated resorts have set their sights on Cotai. This island is only twenty minutes away from Macau’s center, which makes it ideal for expansion. This prime position has motivated multiple companies to transform this once disputed land into a gambling haven.

Now that Cotai is an advantageous bet for investors, their casino industry is exploding. Fueled by an impressive $50 billion USD in investments, this area has changed drastically. Cotai is home to 14 casinos and integrated resorts that generate 60% of Macau’s gaming revenue. This impressive lineup of larger than life casinos boast a total of 16,675 pokies options and 4,394 table games. There are also 63 live poker tables, which provides enough variations to keep anyone busy for years. While this robust amount of options is welcome, it creates its own unique issues.

When visiting the Cotai strip, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options. Each integrated resort is bigger than the next, and they all offer stunning amenities and games. The corporate race to outdo the next casino has created some truly spectacular options. On top of offering all the glamor of a casino, plenty of family friendly entertainment is available. To showcase what’s available, we compiled a list of the best casinos in Cotai. These venues are impressive enough to captivate even the most hesitant visitor. They routinely exceed expectations, so prepare to discover more than traditional gaming options! 

Best Casinos in Cotai

The light shows performed at this resort are breathtaking.

Casino #3: The Parisian Macao – This sprawling city within a city brings a touch of Paris to Cotai. This is the fourth project from Las Vegas Sands subsidiary Sands China Ltd on the Cotai Strip. Over $2.7 billion was invested in this Parisian-themed resort, which allowed them to create a shocking amount of amenities. This complex boasts a retail mall, water park, spa, 3,000 hotel rooms, 150 boutiques, 20 sidewalk cafes and 15 restaurants. The Parisian touch wouldn’t be complete without a 50% scale Eiffel Tower replica that’s routinely lit up with breathtaking light shows.

Even though this resort manages to transport visitors to Paris, it’s main attraction is its massive casino. Their 135,000 square foot game floor is packed with 400 table games and 2,500 pokies machines. This impressive amount of games solidifies this casino as a place where punters and families alike can have the time of their lives. It’s always good to have entertainment options, so come enjoy the best of both worlds!

Each tower provides a unique environment.

Casino #2: Sans Cotai Central – This group of high end hotels and gaming spaces showcases the luxury Cotai has to offer. The complex boasts four hotels that are run by Sheraton, Conrad and Holiday Inn. Each of these areas offer distinct entertainment and gaming options that revolve around visitors. In total punters have 306,000 square feet of casino space to explore. These areas contain 2,200 pokies machines and 460 table games. The potential amenities are just as diverse as the gaming options, so come indulge in some of Cotai’s finest offerings!

Come explore an Italian wonderland…

Casino #1: The Venetian Macao – When it comes to high-end options in Cotai, none can compete with this mega resort. When the Italian explorer Marco Polo returned to the West, he sparked a revolution by highlighting what he saw in China. Hundreds of years later, the Venetian brought Marco Polo’s dream full circle by establishing a piece of Venice to Asia. Boasting waterfalls, wave pools, massive convention centers and showrooms, this resort boasts all the features found in its Las Vegas counterpart.

While its amenities are second to none, the Venetian’s casino manages to outdo the company’s own legacy. Their game floor spans 550,000 square feet, which makes it the largest casino in the world. Unsurprisingly, this casino is home to a staggering amount of gaming options. Visitors get access to 800 table games, 3,400 pokies options and 33 poker tables. This is the most impressive venue a punter can visit, so stop by to discover why it’s so beloved!

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