Top Places to Play Pokies in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Between its tropical climate and lax gambling regulation, Puerto Rico is a punters paradise. This island nation has one of the longest standing gambling in acts in the world, which sets the stage for a thriving casino industry. When the Games of Chance Act was established in 1948, it legalized gambling within casino resorts and the Hipódromo Camarero Racetrack. It ended up being amended multiple times, and each change allowed the industry to grow even more. Between 1970 and 1995, Puerto Rico’s gambling revenue grew from $343 million to $2.6 billion. 

The staggering growth that was enjoyed from the 70’s to 90’s continued into the 21st century. Today, Puerto Rico is awash with both online and land-based gaming options. Boasting 17 licensed casinos and 1 racetrack, this island is the undisputed capital of the Caribbean gambling industry. In total, punters can choose between 184 table games and 4,655 pokies machines. Even though casinos operate in 8 cities, they are rivaled by underground slot machine parlours. It’s estimated that over 45,000 pokies machines are offered by these illegal venues, so there’s no end to the choices for pokies lovers.

Even though having this many options is a blessing, it makes picking the best venue a daunting task. Puerto Rico’s infatuation with gambling predates colonization, and it ramped up when the Spaniards arrived. Everything from cock fights to horse racing is widely available, but to keep things simple we are keeping the focus on pokies. To help guide our readers to the best gaming options, we compiled a list of the top casinos in Puerto Rico. These venues have a staggering amount of pokies options, so don’t hesitate to explore the possibilities for your next trip!

Best Casinos in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico
This hotel offers a pleasant mix of casino games and amenities.

Casino #3: Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino – This sprawling venue is nestled in the heart of San Juan, and has the biggest casino floor in the island. Visitors are greeted with a slew of onsite amenities that range from a 500-room hotel to a full-service spa. The dining amenities are just as robust, since their Brazilian steakhouse is complimented by a fourth story pool with a bar and grill.

Even though it’s easy to get lost in the amenities, their casino is captivating enough to steal the show. This 21,000 square foot game floor is bursting at the seams with games. Punters can access 16 table games, a poker room and 448 pokies machines. This is one of the most delightful casinos on the island, so make it a point to visit when in the nation’s capital!

San Juan
Indulge in amazing options that are only 5 minutes away from the airport!

Casino #2: Stellaris Casino at San Juan Marriott Resort – For visitors who crave tropical vibes, this casino resort can’t be beaten. Located right on the beach, this venue provides all the perks that high-end travelers crave. Visitors can indulge in beach access, 5 restaurants, 2 swimming pools and a 525-room luxury hotel. Their on-site casino is just as impressive, since it provides 462 pokies machines and 26 table games. This 12,800 square foot casino has the best options in San Juan, so don’t miss out on the action! 

This casino offers a staggering amount of pokies options.

Casino #1: Caguas Real Hotel & Casino – Against all odds, the gambling establishment with the most pokies options is located outside the Puerto Rican capital. All 8 of San Juan’s casinos can’t compete with this epic venue in Caguas. It’s part of the Four Points by Sheraton, and this major corporate backing provides plenty of perks. Their 18,500 square game floor is spread out over two floors, and each level is packed with options. In total this bustling casino offers 570 pokies machines and 10 table games. There’s no better place to play pokies in Puerto Rico, which makes it essential to incorporate Caguas into your itinerary! 

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