BPAY Payment System Guide

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BPay is one of the most popular payment methods used in Australia for both personal and business use. All this is because BPAY is safe, secure, and convenient and comes with a lot of other features. But unfortunately, there are very few online casinos that accept BPay. Not because this payment mode is not good but because there are more new easy and convenient ways to deposit at the online casinos to play pokies with real money. The Australian-based online sports betting sites still though accept BPay along with few other online casinos. Here is the BPAY Payment System Guide.

Let us look how you can use BPAy at the casinos and what it is all about.

What is BPAY?

Bpay Australia

According to Wikipedia BPAY is an electronic bill payment system in Australia that enables payments to be made through a financial institution’s online, mobile, or telephone banking facility to organizations that are registered BPAY billers.

BPAY is a registered trading name of BPAY Pty Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Card link Services Limited. Cardlink is owned equally by the four major Australian banks: Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank Limited, and Westpac Banking Corporation.

BPAY has thus become the most favorite payment system in Australia. The payment method is considered the leading bill payment service of Australia and provides its customers with quick payment services, which also offer safety and convenience to BPAY’s customers. The payments made through the system cover more than 95% of the customer banking market.

The payments accepted through BPAY cover a vast spectrum of industries, which makes the method one of the most trusted and preferred options in the country. More than 30 million bills estimated to AU$24 billion are covered by the payment method.

BPay Australia

How does BPAY work?

As said above you can use this payment method for both personal and business use. Any organizations or businesses that choose the BPAY system must register on its website as billers. A biller number would be allocated to the business by the operating system. Billers also receive an indication of the reference number that must be used by customers when making a payment.

If you want to make a payment, need to visit the website of your financial institution, no matter if it comes to a regular, mobile, or telephone banking facility. You need the biller code and its reference number, as well as the payment amount. Users should bear into account the fact that some billers do not accept credit cards.

There is no need or requirement for the customer to register an account in order to use the payment service provided by BPAY. You do not have to make any fees for this service.

However, the biller would usually be required to pay a fee to its bank, as well as to the credit card company, if it used a card for making the payment. In addition, the accounts that may be used for making payment through BPAY may be limited by the financial institution.

After a certain payment has been made using BPAY, the payment details would be sent by electronic funds transfer by the financial institution to the biller’s bank, if different.

Can you use BPAY Payment method?

BPay Australian online casinos

Yes you too can use BPAY and it is not only for organizations and businesses, You can pay your bills in minutes using a secure online bank transfer. The payment method is also available through a mobile device or telephone banking.

You can pay the bills in a few minutes from your online, mobile, or phone bank. It provides you with convenience and freedom when it comes to making a choice from several options provided. The best part is that you will have your bills sent directly to your web-based or mobile bank after checking if everything is in order before finalizing the payment.

Another feature of BPAY is that it focuses on offering the customers comfort and convenience to make their payments. Which allows the users to pay their bills down the track.

  • You need to connect first with your financial institution.
  • Then you need to look for the BPAY logo and special Biller Code.
  • The next step is logging on to your mobile, online, or phone bank, and paying your bill.

Why to use BPAY?

BPAY Services List

BPAY has acquired the Australian market as one of the best payment methods in Australia. It is because of the following reasons

  • It is fast, reliable, convenient, and trustworthy as it has been operating since 1997.
  • BPAY records the payment information on a daily basis and stores it.
  • It is easy to operate with, and you are free to make your payments any time at any place you want.
  • BPAY does not impose any transfer limits, which basically means that you can add large amounts of funds to your accounts in casinos if you want.
  • It is safe and secure and protects your personal information. Third parties do not receive any bank or casino account data, as well as personal details.

Who can use BPAY?

Only Australians and New Zealand citizens can avail this service.

How to use BPAY at online casinos for depositing funds?

When you visit an online casino you find several deposit options available at their banking section to fund your account at the casino. When you decide to make your payment through BPAY you just select the option and connect with your online banking. Aussie players also can fund their account with BPAY using a savings account, check account, or credit card, or even through POLi instant bank transfer. You can pay with your mobile or web browser, As playing online pokies with mobile is popular you can fund your account at the casino easily. BPAY users often get generous bonus offers for depositing into their accounts with the payment method.

  • Australian banks allow money to transfer overnight via telephone and internet banking, with no fees or limits.
  • There is a BPay Biller Code; which the casino or the sportsbook will provide you when you use this option. Generally, this code is available on the banking page or help section of the online casino.
  • After you have logged on; You can find the BPay Reference number in the banking section of the bookmaker or casino.
  • The minimum deposit using BPay is $50 AUD.

Which casinos accept BPAY?

There are very few online casinos that have listed BPay on their banking page. You will find that few Australian-based Sportsbooks accept BPay payments from Aussie punters.

Sportsbetting AU
At sportsbetting.com.au BPay Biller Code is 23580 and minimum deposit is AU$50
Betfair Casino
At Betfair casino the minimum deposit with BPay is $5 and go to My Account>>Deposit Funds into Betfair>>Direct Bank Transfer and BPAY. Your Betfair Biller Code and Unique Reference is displayed.

As there are very few online casinos that allow BPay deposits to play real money pokies. You can use various other comfortable deposit methods to fund your casino account. Neosurf and Bitcoins are the most preferred deposit method used by most of the Aussie players at online casinos. You can make a deposit with them easily. As both do not disclose your personal details keeping intact your privacy. Also are fast and secure. It means you o not have to wait for the payment to arrive to play pokies with real AUD.  Click here to find the online casinos that allow Bitcoins and Neosurf deposits.

Is BPAY Secure to use?

As stated above, all payments made through the system of BPAY are carried out within a secure environment. Whether you use a web-based, mobile, or phone bank.

The only people provided with access to the personal and account details are the customers themselves. Their billers, as well as the customers’ financial institutions. BPAY does not receive any personal data or account details over the payment process. Except for the bank account type the customer has used to make a payment.

You can use BPAY for making a payment from a credit card account. Such payments are secure. However, customers should be aware of the fact that you do not receive any e-mails for payment notification. Because the payment method system does not keep any personal or account information for users. The e-mails customers receive when a payment is made are supposed to be directly sent from their financial institution.

Customer Support

BPAY offers great customer support in case you need any help. They have their FAQ section as well as guide videos to provide you the proper step-by-step guidance. You can visit the BPAY website for more information or call them to solve your issues if you face any.

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