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While playing pokies and online casino games what often players look for is that they have smooth gaming experience, safe and secure online transactions at the casino and hope for some good wins. Australian friendly casinos online have so many deposit options for you to go for some real money gaming. Among them  the most popular type of payments are E wallets.

There are many e wallets to have on go for online payment but one most commonly used e wallet is ecoPayz. Let us see in this guide as what is ecoPayz and how they work on an online casinos.

Understanding ecoPayz

ecoPayz is an online e-wallet, linked to an ecoAccount that has to be opened on the ecoPayz website. Within few minutes of opening an account you will receive an activation e-mail, and you will immediately be ready to use.

However, this is a ‘Classic’ ecoAccount of which the only possibilities for usage are to upload funds to the account and make online money transactions to and from ecoPayz merchants.

Types of ecoAccounts

The ecoAccounts are divided in the ‘account levels’ Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP and the higher the level (determined by the usage of the account) the lower the fees, the more features are available and the higher the limits that can be transferred.

If you wish to have full range of features such as withdrawing money from the ecoAccount to a regular bank account, sending money to other ecoAccount holders all around the world and to pay for goods in multiple currencies it’s best to upgrade the ecoAccount to a ‘Silver’ Account. This is done by providing the ecoPayz customer support with additional identifying documentation such as a copy of the passport / ID, of a recent utility bill, proof of residence, bank statement etc.

After upgrading the account to ‘Silver’, the procedure can take some time as ecoPayz needs to verify the documents, the wallet needs to be uploaded with funds.

Features of EcoPayz

EcoPayz accepts a huge amount of international and local deposit options such as credit / debit cards, internet banking, pre-paid cards, other e-wallets and the account can even be upgraded by cash payments. The availability of these deposit options, as well as the possible fee charged and processing time of the deposits depend on the method used and the region the account holder is residing in.

With a Silver ecoAccount you can apply for a plastic ecoCard which is a debit card issued by MasterCard and is connected to the ecoAccount. This card can not only be used to make payments everywhere on the internet where MasterCard is accepted and to make cash withdrawals from any ATM connected to the MasterCard platform.

Another option is to issue an ecoVirtualcard on the ecoPayz website, which is a one-time-use MasterCard number that can be uploaded with funds from the ecoAccount. Like the ecoCard also the ecoVirtualcard can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Payments made with the ecoAccount, the ecoCard or the ecoVisualcard are carried out instantly, anonymously and according to the latest technological standards in terms of customer protection, safety and security. Remember no personal or financial data about the customer is shared with third (payment receiving) parties contributes to the reliability of the payment solutions, as is the use of SSL encryption during all transactions.

Although opening an ecoAccount is free of any charge and also for sending money to (and receiving money from) ecoPayz accepting e-merchants no fee is calculated, for some essential account activities (funding the account, online transactions, peer-to-peer money transfers and withdrawals to bank accounts) service fees are charged.

Many features of the ecoPayz online payment options can also be carried out on an Android, iOS or Windows operated mobile device (smartphone, iPhone or tablet).

Paying with Ecopayz in an online casino

The procedure to pay with ecoPayz in online casinos is simple and fast.

ecoPayz Casino Mate

  • To open an account with ecoPayz e-wallet, go to
  • Once you’re logged in at the casino, click on the deposit button on the top, next to your username
  • Under e-wallets, choose ecoPayz as your deposit method
  • Then choose one of the listed amounts or manually enter your deposit amount
  • On your first ecoPayz deposit, you’ll be required to enter your eco account username and password
  • If you’ve already made an ecoPayz deposit previously with Casino, you’ll be taken directly to the confirmation page
  • Once all confirmed, click on submit. (If the confirmation page does not show up, kindly recheck your payment details, or contact our customer support)
  • Your deposit amount should be credited instantly to your Casino account.
  • Players are able to deposit using ecoPayz for free at Casino.

Withdrawing with ecoPayz in an online casino

This is done in the same way as a deposit is made. A withdrawal made with ecoPayz can arrive instantly on the ecoAccount or take up to 2 days to be completed. Most casinos don’t ask any withdrawal fees.

To cash out using ecoPayz:

  • Select the Withdraw button on casino screen (need to be logged in)
  • Among the payment options listed, select ecoPayz (only eligible when a deposit has been made using ecoPayz and verified by our system)
  • Enter the desired withdrawal amount and select Withdraw
  • Your withdrawal will be processed within 24 hours and once processed, your fund will be transferred to your ecoPayz account immediately.
  • General withdrawal limit for ecoPayz stand at a maximum of $2,500 per week. For an exceeding amount, please choose another method.

Advantages of using EcoPayz

The use of ecoPayz online payment solutions in online casinos has following advantages:

  • EcoPayz payments are completed instantly making the transferred funds immediately available on the casino account
  • The ecoPayz transactions are carried out according to the most sophisticated banking safety standards and therefore can be considered completely safe and secure
  • EcoPayz payments are anonymous as no information about the depositor is disclosed to receiving or any other third parties
  • Both opening a free ecoAccount as well as using the service is extremely easy
  • EcoPayz is accepted in a wide range of online casinos, available in over 30 countries and the payment method accepts a huge amount of ecoAccount funding sources
  • The payment service can also be used to make withdrawals from the casino account
  • As pre-paid (debit) cards the ecoPayz solutions allow players to manage their spendings.

Disadvantages of using ecoPayz

Following are the disadvantages that could be experienced when using ecoPayz:

  • For most of the features attached to its payment solutions ecoPayz charges a fee
  • The service is only available in 33 countries
  • Some players might consider having to subscribe to the service a disadvantage.

Online Casinos that offer ecoPayz as one of the deposit mode to play casino games

Mongoose casino

There are so many online casinos that accept ecoPayz. Here are to name a few which are reputed and most popular among Aussies. You need to check the sign up bonuses, customer support and other factors like its rating and responsible gaming before choosing them to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ecoPayz allow online casino transactions?

Yes it allows online casino transactions.  Though it is only accessible to people in certain countries where online gambling is legal.  ecoPayz is used for online casino transactions in many major countries like Canada, Australia, and England.

Do many casinos accept ecoPayz?

Ofcourse  they do. Many reputes online casinos like  Rich Casino accept ecoPayz as a deposit and withdrawal method. See above listed casinos.

Is ecoPayz a trusted payment method?

It is the most trusted payment mode.  ecoPayz is actually one of the oldest digital wallets available on the internet. It comes with a bunch of security measures in place to ensure that your funds and personal financial details are safe at all times.

ecoPayz is certified by the Thawte Certification Authority, comes with an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, and is compliant with PCI and DSS (Payment Card Industry and Data Security Standards, respectively). Not only that, but also your personal information is stored on a separate server that is available offline and accessible only to authorized workstations.

How do ecoPayz compare to similar platforms?

There are both pros and cons to ecoPayz and other similar platforms. ecoPayz is better than similar platforms in the following ways:

Fees are usually lower at ecoPayz, and some things are actually free, including transferring funds from one ecoPayz account to another.

It has fast and easy registration process. Upon registering, you do not need to verify your account. You can just add funds to your account via your credit card or bank account and then immediately transfer them to an online casino to start playing right away.

Some digital wallets like PayPal take a few days to verify your account. Keep in mind that you will eventually have to verify your ecoPayz account before withdrawing funds from an online casino, though.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals with ecoPayz?

Since you already have all of your personal details filled out in your ecoPayz account, all you have to do is to log into ecoPayz to deposit or withdraw money. It takes only a few moments. That means it is fast process.

How are your winnings at casino paid by ecoPayz?

Every time you withdraw your winnings via ecoPayz, they are immediately paid into your ecoPayz account. Once the funds are in your ecoPayz account, you can transfer the funds to your bank account if you wish.

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