How to cash out winnings from Australian online casinos?

When people head to any casino they hope that they will walk away with more money than they started out with. At worse, they will hope that they are able to walk away with at least some of the money they came to the casino with. Online casinos are different than the real casinos. If you win at a real casino, you walk to the cashier’s window and collect your winnings. If you stop playing before you lose all of your money, you simply walk out the door.

When you choose to play at the online casinos, you have to fund your account. You can choose the amount you want to fund your account. That money will sit in your account for you to play every time you visit the casino. If you lose all of the money that you put into the account, you will have to put more money into the account. If a person is lucky enough to win at the online casino or if they decide that they want to cut their losses and withdrawal the money they have not wagered, the process of getting the money back is a little more difficult.

Funding the account can be done through a wide variety of payment methods. Electronic payment methods including credit cards and Neteller will be instantly credited to the account. The process of withdrawing the cash requires a little more time.

Withdrawal Methods

Withdrawal options

The first thing to realize is that not all of the methods available for payments will work for withdrawals. Credit cards typically cannot be used to withdrawal money. Other forms of electronic methods may work, but it is best to check on this before you deposit any money. It is more common for casinos to use a bank draft or a bank transfer for withdrawals. The different payment methods can charge fees for withdrawals that will lower the amount a player receives.

Payment limits

Some online casinos have limits on how much a player can withdrawal at one time. They may limit players to $5,000 a month or something similar. This may mean a player has to wait and withdraw large amounts over a period of time.


While deposits are instant, withdrawals usually require several days. The online casino has to process the withdrawal request. Once it is processed they will release the money through the method that the player selects. This process can take more than 2 week at some casinos, but it typically only require 3 to 5 business days to get the money that is being withdrawn.

All of the information concerning withdrawals can be found on the casino websites. It can be found under the banking information or under the terms and conditions page of the website. It is always best to look through this information before you become a member of the casino so you know what to expect.

It is also possible to find out how well a casino does with the withdrawal process through online casino reviews. If people have had issues with the method that a casino uses, they will often let others know about it.

Popular Withdrawal Methods

withdrawal modes

Almost all the casinos use cheque as the withdraw mode to get back your winnings as well as use the same mode of withdrawal as your deposit method. Though online casinos always wish to process your winning fast still  you may have to wait anywhere in the range of one to 21 business days depending on the withdrawal method selected. While eWallet withdrawals are instant, wire transfers may take up to five working days and courier checks may take up to 21 days to arrive at your casino account.

Note that online casinos where you are about to get your winning  payout for the first time, you have to verify yourself and your identity by submitting the relevant identity proof. This is an essential procedure to make the casino banking system very secure. The casino will need :

  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Copy of a utility bill (Water, gas, telephone etc.).
  • Copy of your Credit Card (back and front) if you made deposits using your Credit Card.

If you are apprehensive about revealing your card details at online casinos then you can bank anonymously without revealing your credit card details. You can choose to deposit funds and withdraw winnings using methods such as prepaid cards and eWallets or Bitcoins.

Also online casinos allow you to withdraw your winnings anytime you wish. However, a cap may be imposed on the amount that can be withdrawn per business day or per week. If players win a progressive jackpot, it will be paid out in installments. As said above winnings are paid through the same method used to deposit funds. In cases where this is not possible, players can choose a withdrawal method from the casino cashier.

How to get make a withdraw at the online casino?

how to cash out your winnings

After each session you play, your money will remain in your account for the next time you want to play. The only time you will need to make a withdrawal is when you would like to get your money.

  • In the casino software, click on Bank and select Withdrawal
  • You will be asked to select your preferred option to receive your payment
  • Your withdrawal request will then enter a pending period (minimum 24 hours), during which time you will be able to reverse your withdrawal, should you wish to do so
  • Your withdrawal will be processed on the day in which it is released from the pending period
  • For security reasons, you may be required to provide the following information, in order to verify your withdrawal:
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Copy of a utility bill (Water, gas, telephone etc.).
  • Copy of your Credit Card (back and front) if you made deposits using your Credit Card.
  • Also there may be a cancellation cost incurred for certain withdrawal methods. So always read the terms and conditions when selecting a withdrawal method.
  • The portion of your withdrawal less than or equal to the original deposit amount will be paid to you through the payment option that was used to make the original deposit
  • Any other money owed to you can be withdrawn whenever you wish.

When using certain web wallets to withdraw, for example eCheck, there is an eight day waiting period. As a result, the casino will not be able to process a withdrawal within eight days of your last deposit when using these web wallets

Due to restrictions in some countries also many casinos may not be able to pay your withdrawal through Visa or MasterCard

Cash Winnings are paid as soon as possible. However, your bank’s processing times may slow down the payment of withdrawals. Withdrawals may be subject to processing fees at the discretion of the casino.

Remember deposits and withdrawals at online casino of repute are safe and secure. Always play on registered and licensed online casino with your mobile or web browser as these sites are equipped with latest SSL encryption software to keep your transactions safe and sound.

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