Which Pokies Machines Stole the Show in Australia?


Pokies reigns supreme in Australia.

Going through all the Pokies machines & finding the best ones is a daunting task. With so many enticing options to choose from, it’s easy to miss the real moneymakers. To the untrained eye most pokie machines all look the same. They all feature catchy themes & are masked in tantalizing graphics. However, not all machines are created equal. Payout rates vary from generous to downright abusive.

This conundrum is an even bigger problem in Australia, where pokies machines are abundant. It’s no secret that Aussies love playing pokies. Studies show that almost 40% of all Australians play pokies, with 600,000 people playing every week. This extreme popularity sparked a production boom, which lead to the introduction of more than 200,000 pokies machines in Australia alone. These figures are staggering, & gives a ratio of one machine per 100 Aussies.

Finding the best machines amidst a tsunami of new releases is easier said than done. For those relying on luck alone to find the best machines, their aspirations may never come to fruition. To properly wade through this sea of options, you are going to need some guidance. For this reason we dove headfirst into the industry & did extensive research to give you the most popular pokies machines in Australian history. Enjoy our list & prepare to be introduced to the most infamous pokies machines in Australia!

Best Pokies Machines in Australia

Pokies 2

Come explore the most groundbreaking pokies machines in Australia.

  1. 100 Pandas – Immerse yourself in Chinese culture with this action packed game. This is one of the most popular games ever created by IGT, the leading manufacturer in the industry. Its wild popularity is due to the sheer number of paylines. With 100 paylines at your disposal, nothing can stop you from getting a fair shot at hitting it rich!
  2. 5 Dragons – Even though dragons are a common theme amoungst casino games, this one manages to stand out. This vibrant theme helped make Aristocrat one of the most prominent names in pokies. It became so popular that they even made an online version of the game. So if you can’t find the machine you can always access it on your smartphone!
  3. Cleopatra – This game has become synonymous with pokies. It has infiltrated almost every pokie club in Australia, as well as casinos across the US & Europe. The wild popularity of this game can be attributed to its massive jackpot. At 10,000 times a bet, this is a prize worth fighting for!

These are the 3 pokies machines that have stolen the show in Australia. They have gained their notoriety by consistently providing epic gameplay to countless Australians. However, you can’t go wrong with any machine that’s created by Konami Australia, IGT & Aristocrat. These are recognized manufacturers that have established a proven track record.

When in doubt always do a little research before you start playing a new pokies machine. A simple Google search will enlighten you on their payout rates & alert you about any bad press they have received. A properly informed consumer will never be swindled. So do your homework before you blindly trust a new machine, your wallet will thank you for it!


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