What Is Online Casino Bonus Hunting?

The formula of online casino bonus hunting surfaced simultaneously when the bonuses started emerging at online gambling casinos. For years, some very professional players were able to make good money with the bonuses that were provided by online casinos. Today the hunting process of online casino promotion bonus has become weaker, and it is tough to find people who earn through this process.

Casino Bonus Hunting

Although bonuses in the online casinos are still offered, it says that bonus hunting is still in vogue. But the promoters of these bonuses and promotions have become more alert hence the players have to be more attentive and expert to win the opportunity.

In fact, the purpose of online casino bonuses is crystal clear. They are mostly promoted and required to draw new users and keep those safe who are already registered. Although the owners of gambling establishments do not celebrate casino bonus hunters, as most of the time after playing the required wager, many players vanish withdrawing all winnings and the bonus. Casinos do not get any benefits by such casino bonus hunting players. Often casinos introduce limits on the funds’ withdrawals, frequently require documents copies, set limits on minimum and maximum bets, and many more.

How to Hunt Casino Bonus

Fulfilling the wagering requirement might be difficult, it is still possible. Every bonus hunter has their specific strategies for outsmarting online casinos. There are many tips and tricks to hunt casino bonus for any player who decides not only to enjoy the game but also to earn money on the casino through bonus policy:

  1. You can use diverse games for playing and get benefited from bonuses. Playing multiple different games is the best way for the first time bonus hunters. Keep hopping from game to game and clear the bonus gradually.
  2. Do not withdraw money in a hurry. The casino will become suspicious of your activities and you may become another player named in the blacklist. Allow the bonus rest for a couple of days and then withdraw it in installment, making small bets in the intervals.
  3. Try to clear bonus spending a bit more money than the required wager. This will establish this fact that you haven’t come here only for a good bonus, but you are going to play here for a long time and want to become a loyal customer.
  4. Play in multiple ways. Bet different ways and do not follow the same strategy over and over regularly. Keep swinging now and then with your playing strategy, displaying that you are a regular player who wants to have a good time. Often changing the approach is a great way which will be quite helpful for any bonus hunter.


Above listed recommendations should enable you to become a professional bonus hunter in your initial stage. Even if you cannot become it at all, the above casino bonus hunting strategies will definitely help you to quickly and safely clear the bonus and withdraw it occasionally.

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