Top 25 Poker Advice for Women

While stereotypically viewed as a men’s game, women can dominate with some strategic poker tips. The hazy atmosphere can’t fool the sharp mind of a woman who knows what she’s doing. Read below for the top 25 tips to keep your opponents on their toes.


  1. Set yourself a budget, and stick with it.  Keeping a solid budget will help you stay relaxed and focused.
  2. Don’t play too many hands. Give yourself a brain break. Don’t play fatigued.
  3. Don’t underestimate, or overestimate your skill level.  Be honest with yourself about your skill level. Use it to know the best tables to sit at, so as to find where you are likely to attain the best payout
  4. Play against players that are worse that you are. Obviously don’t be a shark that sits down with minnows. No one likes that person. However, play against opponents that you deem to be under your skill to allow yourself to relax while you try new strategies, and help yourself improve before upgrading.
  5. Don’t assume men are automatically placing you inside a box due to being female. Don’t make issues about your gender if there aren’t any there to begin with.
  6. Make friends with the dealer. They are often faced with a lot of bad temperament. There is no harm with being polite and friendly to your dealer.
  7. Don’t gloat when you win.
  8. Study up on the Mathematics of the game. Even simple math knowledge of your game of choice could be the difference between a W and an L
  9. Come in prepared. Know the rules and when to make a move
  10. Don’t be too serious that you forget to have fun. Don’t assume you are always the underdog, and don’t forget to have a good time!
  11. Don’t increase your bets when you are losing. 
  12. Don’t play when you are intoxicated. It’s not like anyone makes the best decisions when they are drunk.
  13. Don’t play when feeling sad, angry, or generally in a bad mood. There is no need to distract yourself from the game. Every game should be the best game you can play!
  14. Create your own distraction free zone while playing. If turning off your cell phone helps prevent you from thinking about that thing at work or the groceries you need to pick up to make dinner, do it. You don’t need to think about anything else while you are playing, it will just take away from your game. 
  15. Be aware of your position at the table and how that affects your odds. Your position at the table effects your game. Do some research into how, and where you should sit if given the opportunity.
  16. Pay attention to your opponents cards. Think about the strength of your opponents hand, not just your own.
  17.  Take advantage of the male-female dynamic. If someone is thrown off by the idea that there is a woman playing among the others, take advantage of that!
  18. Don’t let anyone get under your skin .Keep your cool even when an opponent acts antagonistic, condescending or the like. It doesn’t matter whether done on purpose or by accident, just don’t let another player bother you.
  19. Don’t be afraid to tell someone to be quiet. If per chance someone does bother you, say something. Sometimes people like to unnerve others. You have the right to tell another person to stop their unnecessary commentary or rude behavior.
  20. Pay attention to other players body language. Perhaps do some research on the types of ‘tells’ that a person might exhibit
  21. Use positive visualization. to reduce any stress or anxiety you might face. Picture yourself winning. Picture yourself having a good time. Picture whatever makes you happy.
  22. Exude confidence. Don’t be a mouse in the room. If you aren’t feeling confident, simply fake it using your body language. Your emotions will catch up quickly, and any anxiety will fade
  23. View the game without any gender for as long as you can. View the game as simply as possible.
  24. Categorize your opponents. Female professionals often talk about how they categorize their opponents based on age, or attitude towards female players. They use these categories to generalize how these players are likely to play
  25. Online gaming generally gives higher payout rates. Practice online where you can not only improve your game play, but have a better opportunity to make some money.

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