How to create a real money account on an online casino?

If you ask people why they go to a casino, they may try to convince you they go for the entertainment that is provided. It does not matter whether a person choose to go to a real casino or a live casino, they will often make some excuse about why they are going. They do not want to admit that the real reason they are going is so they can win a big jackpot. That is the hope of the visitors to the online casinos. They want to win money. It is really that simple.

The problem is that it may be easy to want to win money at the online casinos, but actually doing it requires a little more effort. Before a person has to decide what game they want to play and how they plan to spend their winnings, they have to put some money up. When playing at the online casinos that means they need to create a real money account.

Online casinos offer the visitors the ability to play the machines for free. They do not require a player to bet real money, but that means that they will not pay the player real money if they win. The only way to win real money is to use real money to fund the account.

There are a few things that a visitor to an online casino has to do to fund their account.

  1. Choose a casino – The first step is to decide what casino you want to join. It will be necessary to set up and fund accounts at any casino that you want to play at.
  2. Set up a membership account – Players will need to set up an account. This usually requires basic information about the player and the creation of a username and password.
  3. Fund the account – This is the most important step. Every casino has a list of payment methods that they accept. The methods will vary depending on the casino and the place the casino is located in. Many of the payment methods are electronic and are instantly credited to the players account.

There are other things that should be considered when funding a real money account:

  • Bonuses – many online casinos will offer matching deposits up to a certain amount. It is a good idea to take advantage of this free money the casino is offering.
  • Currency – There are many casinos that will work with currencies from different countries, but this may not always be the case. Find out if this is the case before choosing a casino.
  • Minimum amounts – Online casinos often have a minimum amount required to fund an account. This should be considered when choosing a casino.
  • Withdrawals – While it is important to know how to fund an account, it is also important to know how to get the money you win back out. Not all of the payment methods can be used to withdrawal money and it generally takes longer to get money out of an account than it does to put money into it.

How to create a real money account at online casino?

To make things more understandable here is an example as how to create a real money account at Rich casino.

First type the casino url on your PC web browser or mobile browser

Next find the ‘Join Now’ Button at the top most right hand corner of the online casino and click on it.

Rich Casino- Join Now

When you click on Join Now a form will appear for you to fill in your details like your Name, Email, User name, mobile number, choose your currency to play and set a password.

Rich casino registration

Once you have filled the form you will get a verification email and when verified you can now login with your user name and password.

If you wish to play pokies real money then go to deposit and make a real money funding at the casino.

Rich casino deposit

Now choose the deposit mode from the various options and make a deposit to play real money games.

Rich casino deposit
rich casino game

Go to games menu and choose the game you wish to play and there you are all set to play real money pokies. Note that as a new player you will automatically receive welcome bonus from the online casino.

Online casinos have a part of their site dedicated to banking. They will provide all of the information that is needed for people to fund their accounts and to withdrawal money. It is important that all casino visitors take the time to read this information.

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