How online jackpots work?

People are playing at the online casinos for many reasons. They may enjoy the machines they choose to play. They may be looking for a way to pass the time. The biggest reason that is given for playing the games at the online casinos is to win money. Many people choose the games that give them a chance to win a big jackpot. Others are happy winning more than they lose. No matter how much a person wants to win, the hope is that they will be able to do it. The most widely played and common online jackpots are Progressive pokies games. Online progressives work just like their land-based casinos. Every wager you make on your computer feeds a tiny amount into the progressive jackpot for that game. Since lots of players are now playing from the comfort of their homes, these jackpots can become just as large and life-changing as the progressives in Vegas or Atlantic City.

Types of Progressive Jackpots

Gold Rally Jackpot pokies

Gold Rally Jackpot pokies

There are three types of progressive pokies machine games:

  • Standalone Progressives: A standalone progressive machine has a jackpot ticker on the game, but only bets placed on that specific machine feed the jackpot. This was, at one time, the only kind of progressive pokies game available, but most progressives feature multiple machines that are linked together. Still, so many standalone machines were manufactured that these games are still easily found in casinos throughout the world. Usually the jackpot on the games will be under $10,000.
  • Local Progressives: Local progressives are still commonly found at online casinos. These games feature jackpots within a specific casino that are linked. This network can include as few as a dozen or so machines, or it can include a hundred machines—it just depends on the casino. Usually the jackpots available on these games are under $1,000,000, and often they’re under $100,000.
  • Wide Area Network Progressives: These are some of the most popular casino games on the market today. A wide area network jackpot links slot machines from multiple casinos in the same state. This allows the jackpot to accumulate into astronomical sums of money, often over $1 million and sometimes even over $10 million. The most well-known brand of wide area network progressives are the Megabucks games from IGT.

Well known Jackpot pokies games at online casinos

Gladiator Jackpot pokies game

Though there are many Jackpot pokies games at online casinos to play and win but some have gain much popularity among players all over the world. Few of them are as follows:

  • Megabucks is one of the most popular progressive networks available as said above. The probability of winning this jackpot has been estimated at 1 in 50 million. The amounts won on this machine vary from $10 million into the hundreds of millions. Like many lottery games, Megabucks is paid out as an annuity over 25 years.
  • Wheel of Fortune is a popular brand of pokies machine, and it’s available in multiple denominations. One of the most common versions is the quarter version, which has a starting jackpot of $200,000. The jackpot on this game has gotten close to $2 million in the past, but it’s usually won when it’s still under $1 million. The dollar version of Wheel of Fortune progressives starts with a $1 million jackpot. It’s not unusual for the game to reach $5 million or more, and it’s almost reach $10 million on occasion. Like Megabucks, this jackpot is paid out as an annuity over time.
  • Elvis is also a symbol of classic Vegas progressive pokies machine where the game starts with a $100,000 jackpot, and it costs 25 cents per spin. Keep in mind that to be eligible for the jackpot, you have to make the max bet, which is 3 coins, or 75 cents.
  • Mega Moolah is an online-only progressive jackpot available at online casinos powered by Microgaming software. Multiple games feature the brand name, and the jackpots and betting limits vary. This progressive network features some of the largest jackpots online, often reaching $1 million or more.

Progressive Table Games

Progressive Blackjack

Progressive table games also are played by players like the game of progressive blackjack. These games really depends on which version you play. In Microgaming’s Triple Sevens progressive blackjack, you’ll hit the jackpot if your first three cards are all 7 of diamonds. Other versions will reward you if your first four cards are aces of the same suit. Of course, there are smaller bonus prizes for other card combinations and you can win your main bet regardless. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to place a $1 side bet on top of your standard wager to qualify.

When playing most versions of progressive roulette, you’ll win your side bet if the same number comes up multiple times in a row. Some versions do feature a dedicated bonus slot on the wheel and an accompanying bonus round instead. Progressive video poker usually awards a growing jackpot for the top hand with a maximum bet.

Winning the Progressive Jackpot games

There is no strategy or system that can increase your chances of winning a progressive jackpot on a pokies  game. The odds of winning are similar to the odds of winning the lottery, although you get many more chances of winning per hour with a pokies machine game than you would get playing a lottery game.

An important thing to keep in mind about progressive jackpots is that they don’t become “due”. The chances of winning are astronomically small no matter how large the jackpot has gotten. It’s possible for a jackpot to grow large enough that a bet on a particular game will be a positive expectation bet, but it’s not a practical opportunity to win

Before anyone thinks that they will really break the bank by winning an online jackpot, they need to realize that the sites offering the opportunity to win big are in the business of making money. They will try to take in more than they pay out. Despite the odds being in the favor of the online casino or website, there is the chance for an individual to win a jackpot that can make a difference in their own life. Most gamblers are willing to take the chance. They would also appreciate if they could find a way to improve their chances of winning big online.

  1. Research the casino – Online casinos are licensed to operate by many different agencies. The rules they have to follow will vary from one site to another and from one country to another. Take the time to find a casino that has a high payback rate and that has been certified to be safe fair and secure.
  2. Research the machines – Find machines that offer the biggest jackpots while also offering a high payback rate.
  3. Practice the games – Many online casinos allow you to play games without risking any money. Take the time to practice the games before playing them for real money.
  4. Know the payouts – It is worth learning how the machines pay out, especially for the biggest jackpots.
  5. Set limits – The lure of the big jackpot can cause many people to spend more than they should. Every time you play the games, limit the amount you are willing to lose to what you can afford.
  6. Progressive machines are not the best choice – While the jackpots offered by these machines is enticing, the chances of winning it are very slim. Stick to traditional machines to win the most money.
  7. Single pay line machines are a good option – They are easier to understand, allow you to play for longer periods of time with less money and can still pay out good jackpots.
  8. Bet the max every time – In order to win the biggest jackpots, betting the max number of coins is often required. Always give yourself the chance at the jackpot when playing the machines.
  9. Find 2 or 3 coin machines – Because you have to bet the max to win a jackpot, search out for machines that do not require as many coins for the max bet.
  10. Switch Machines – It is okay to leave a machine if you think it is cold or if you are just looking for something different. It can prevent you from getting bored and making mistakes.
  11. Cash out – If you get ahead and have still not hit the big jackpot, it is okay to cash out your winnings. Several small winning days can add up to more than one big jackpot if you follow this strategy.

With the right strategy a person can play the online machines and win more money than they lose. With a little luck, they may also find that hitting the jackpot is not as hard as they thought.

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