How Long Would It Take To Withdraw Money From An Online Casino?

The main reason that people give for playing the games at the casino is to win money. It does not matter if they win a big jackpot or they win something much smaller. The joy of winning and getting paid for their efforts is something that is enjoyed by everyone.

At a traditional casino, people can usually walk out with the cash they have won. If they win a larger jackpot they may receive a cash, but the payment is usually very fast. Online casinos operate a little differently. In order to play a person has to fund an account. This is done using a variety of payment methods. A person will not have any money in their pocket at the online casinos. Instead they will have a balance on their account that they can see going up or down.

At some point a person can decide to cash in the money they have amassed in their account. There can be a few obstacles to doing this.

Rich Casino - Deposits and withdrawals

Rich Casino – Deposits and withdrawals

  • Casino cash – Many online casinos offer a variety of promotions that give the player free cash. They also restrict how this money is used. Most casino cash that is given away as a promotion cannot be withdrawn from a players account. Instead a paler will only be able to withdraw the money they are able to win using the casino cash. The casinos may also place minimum amounts that have to be met before the money won with casino cash can be taken out of the account. These can include minimum dollar amounts or a minimum amount that is played. It will vary from one casino to another.
  • Minimums and Maximums – online casinos may have established minimum and maximum amounts that can be withdrawn at any time. They may limit the amount that can be withdrawn over a period of time as well. It is up to the player to make sure they understand the restrictions of the casino.

Once a person decides they want to withdraw funds form their account, they have to request the money. The casino will then process this request. The amount of time it can take to do this will vary depending on the casino. It can take a few days or it may take several weeks. In general, most casinos will process the request within 7 to 10 days.

Once the request has been processed, the money will have to be transferred in some way from the casino to the player. If an electronic payment method is chosen, the amount of time is minimal. If a payment is made through bank check or bank transfer, it can take a little longer.

The withdrawal options popular at online casinos

withdrawals at casinos

Though there are many withdrawal options available at casinos, some of the popular ones are as mentioned below.

Bank Transfer

This is one of the most common methods of withdrawing cash, with funds transferred directly from your online betting account to a nominated bank account of your choice. The process to withdraw is also simple. All you need is to log in to your account, click the withdraw option on the homepage of your online casino, you can find this in the account options/settings menu and enter your bank account details. Select and confirm this mode of withdrawal the money will disappear automatically from your casino account and will generally be processed on the next business day before appearing in your bank account.

Credit card

This is also a simple process of withdrawal. To withdraw via your credit card go to the account section of your chosen bookmaker’s online website and click on the withdraw tab. Now you will be able to select ‘credit card’ from the withdrawal options, with the casino requiring your card details in order to process the payment. While withdrawing funds to a credit card is possible, most casinos do not allow withdrawals to a debit card, instead transferring the cash to the account linked to the card.

Also note that some casinos also don’t support certain cards such as American Express or some prepaid and virtual cards, so make sure you check with them to ensure they are able to transfer you your money if this is the withdrawal option you wish to choose. While using this method of withdrawal you will get back your wins within two business days.


PayPal is another withdrawal method supported by few casinos, however they usually require you to have made a deposit from your PayPal account prior to withdrawing funds into it. Much like the other withdrawal methods, punters must select PayPal from the options within the relevant section of the casino website.

To complete the withdrawal transaction, you will be taken to the PayPal website for confirmation, with up to one business day usually taken before the funds are fully authorised and processed into your PayPal account.


Skrill is an e-wallet which enables punters to transfer funds online to and from their casino accounts to their Skrill account. Most online casinos support this method of withdrawal, with it listed under the withdrawal options menu on the casino website. When withdrawing funds through this method, you can expect to be waiting up to one working day for the transaction to be fully authorised and processed.


This is most common method found at onlinecasinos to make get your winning payouts and  withdraw money from your casino accounts.

For this you must log in to casino  account and head to the ‘my account’ section of the casino site. From there you can select the withdraw tab where cheque will be one of the options. You must then fill in your  details and submit it for the casino to then process. Cheque withdrawal usually takes 3-4 working days to encash to your bank account.

Mot casinos will answer the question of how long they take to process and make payments to the players. It is a question that should be asked before a person funds an account and begins playing. It is also a good idea to check independent reviews that can provide more information that could be more accurate that what is provide by the casinos when it comes to processing withdrawal requests.

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