What it takes to be a high roller? Why become a VIP?

high rollers

When high rollers walk into a real casino, they are offered special treatment. They get special service including a hotel suite, free food, tickets to the shows and much more. The casinos want to treat the high rollers well so they will return. Online casinos are no different than the real casinos in this regard. They want to get their best and most loyal players to return as often as possible. The online casinos may not be able to offer the same benefits as a real casino, but that does not stop them from offering their best players outstanding perks.

VIP Clubs

EMU Casino- VIP

The players that receive these perks are called the VIPs at the online casino. VIPs are able to gain this status in a fairly simple way. They need to gamble more money than the casual player. Almost every online casino offers some type of loyalty program. They typically reward the members of the casino with comp points that are earned for playing the games. The more a player gambles, the more comp points they will earn. The comp points can be turned into casino cash and other rewards.

All members of the online casino may be members of the Loyalty clubs, but not all of them will be VIP members. The VIP members can receive additional rewards. They will be able to accumulate their comp points faster and they will be eligible for special promotions and tournaments. When a player becomes a VIP member at an online casino they will get the special treatment that makes the visit to the online casino that much better.

Becoming a VIP

Rich Casino- VIP

In order to become a VIP member of the online casinos, a player has to be invited. The casino bases their decision on different factors.

  • How much money you deposit
  • How much money you wager
  • How frequently you play

Every casino has their own standards about how much has to be deposited and how much has to be wagered. A good rule of thumb is that to become a VIP member a deposit of $10,000 or more is best. There may be some casinos that require more and some that require less. It is also possible to become a VIP member by continually depositing money and gambling until you reach the threshold that the casino has set.

There are many casinos that also offer different levels for their loyalty rewards. As a player progresses through the levels they begin to get more of the perks. Emu Casino has 6 different levels for their loyalty rewards club. The player is able to attain higher levels based on accumulating a specific amount of points and then maintaining a certain level of points on a monthly basis.

The best way to find out how much money you have to spend to become a VIP member is to go to the casino that you want to play at. You can check the site for information or you can engage in a live chat with a customer support person to find out more specifics about what it takes to become a VIP member.

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