Are Online Pokies Rigged?

Online Pokie Regulation

The goal of an online casino is the same as a brick-and-mortar one. The ultimate goal is to have repeat customers, spending money in their facilities. In order to keep people coming back to play, they must adhere to guidelines set forth by government, and appear safe to spend money at. Australia requires that pokies have a payout rate of 87% or better, no matter if they are online or not.

This means that no matter where the casino is located worldwide, it must abide by the Australian regulations set forth in order to do business with Australian citizens. Ergo, online casinos catering to Aussies will always have this standard.

Furthermore, the software development teams that are chosen to create these websites vouch for the safety of the games they designed. This circular system ensures that software developers are worthwhile, and the websites they helped designed, in turn, are as well. Most online casinos use the same software developers, who have verified reputations within these communities.

Pokie “Rigging”

Technically, it is entirely possible that online pokies could be rigged. However, it is unlikely that any online casino wanting to stay in business for a period of time to attempt this type of fraudulent behavior. By doing so, the casino opens itself up to the possibility of lawsuits, as well as losing current and potential customers. There might be an occasion or two where a rigged game or casino is discovered, but the chances of it still existing the next time you search for it are slim.

Online Pokies adhere to the same standards that the ones inside casinos do as well. Furthermore, due to a lack of overhead, they are able to offer higher payout rates than face-to-face pokies. Since these online casinos don’t have to pay for labor, liquor licensing, or rent associated with the large-area that must accompany most casinos, they are dealing with the same percentage of profit of a traditional model casino without a lot of the expenses.

It is true that online casinos must pay for game licensing, and heavy-duty security software in order to protect their customers, but so do the others. Therefore, an online casino can offer higher payout rates, sign-up bonuses, and other incentive programs to keep customers returning to their URLs.

Conclusively, understand that the term “rigged” might be considered an oxymoron, as it is important to note that all casino games are “rigged” to ensure they are profitable to the casino. It is best not to assume that a player can win eventually, because over time, the casino will always have a slight pull over the player.

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