All About Hot and Cold Numbers in Roulette

People often use their lucky numbers for betting when playing Roulette. These could be their date of birth, date of the anniversary or some special number in their lives.

As Roulette offers various betting options, you can opt for inside or outside bets and select the number you like. Some Roulette players use so-called Hot and Cold numbers.

Here I will talk about what Hot and Cold numbers in Roulette stand for and should you make use of them when playing this game online.

All about Hot and Cold Numbers

All about Hot and Cold Numbers

As most of us know, Roulette is a casino game based on luck. Although you can cut the house edge by playing some bets, you cannot do much to affect how the ball spins around the wheel or what number it stops on.

For years, players have tried to get the benefit over the casino and using the Hot and Cold numbers is one of the potential solutions they believe in. It is widely believed that the ball lands frequently on certain numbers.

Although the origin of this concept is not known, often players try to find patterns in the way the ball lands. Some opt to play hot numbers, which are the numbers the ball hits more frequently while others prefer to bet on the ones the ball hits less frequently, which are also called Cold numbers.

People betting on hot numbers believe that the ball will continue to land on the numbers it has landed on earlier. While other people believe that the ball will land on the number that it hasn’t landed often.

Role of Hot and Cold Numbers in Online Roulette

Role of Hot and Cold Numbers in Online Roulette

Today, you can play from a myriad of online Roulette games available at virtual and live tables. Many of these come with Hot and Cold numbers displayed helping you decide which numbers you can place your bets on.

For example, live Roulette tables powered by Evolution Gaming like Lightning Roulette show the Hot and Cold numbers drawn in the last 500 rounds. If you want to place bets based on some specific patterns, this feature can help you enjoy this game as you don’t have to register them yourself.

Game of Chance

In Live Roulette games, the ball is pushed by the croupier, in virtual Roulette, the Random Number Generator selects the number the ball will land on. Due to this mechanism, the result of every round is completely random. This means the dealer’s signature or the wheel bias cannot affect them.

This is the reason why RNG-operated Roulette games are games of pure chance.

How Effective is Hot and Cold Numbers Strategy?

Roulette is a game of chance and the result is unbiased. The truth is that playing on Hot or Cold numbers cannot enhance your odds. They will remain the same all the time and depend on the bets you play.

You or anyone cannot predict which number the ball will land on, so relying on this belief that a specific number will keep coming or that you can win in betting on some specific number will finally land may not be a perfect strategy to go with.


There are many myths that gamblers nurture. It is the belief that something is more likely to happen if it has not happened in a while. This is the major idea behind playing on Cold numbers! But as per the gambler’s fallacy, something is more likely to happen if it has happened many times before. And this is the myth behind Hot numbers. The core here is “fallacy”, meaning an idea or belief that is false.

It is not Strategy but Myth

It is not Strategy but Myth

As playing Hot or Cold numbers cannot improve your winning chances, we cannot call it a strategy. It can be termed as a notion or a concept you can use or not and it’s up to you.

The best thing to keep in mind if you want to wager on Hot or Cold numbers is that you should opt for those bets with higher odds of winning. Suppose, if you believe that the next winning number will be 15, place a bet on Odd numbers or Black.

These two are even-money bets that offer you just a 1:1 payout but are more likely to win than a Straight-Up bet on 15. Better to manage your bankroll prudently without exceeding the amount you have kept aside to play the game of Roulette.


I hope you would have gained a good knowledge of Hot and Cold Number in Roulette and it would help you play this popular game well and you might make your strategy as well.  

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