How to Start a Career Path in Bartending and Casino

Bartending and Casino jobs have a relatively low level of overhead needed to break into the industry, and are therefore very popular among backpack packers and other travelers in Australia. Once a small amount of experience is established, it is quite simple to move to a higher paying gig in a more desirable location.

Just be aware that often times, experience is required before qualifying for a higher-paying opportunity, and knowing industry personnel is essential to mobility among bartenders and casino workers.

Certifications Needed:

  • “RSG” Responsible Service of Alcohol: Classes are offered all over Australia in most cities. The cost ranges from approximately $40- $80 AUD.
    •  Depending on the area, testing either occurs in person or online. Here is a link to an online RSA class provided by TCP that is accepted in most areas.
  •  Mixology courses: while not necessary, these can give quite a good background on mixing beverages, terminology needed in the bar, and experience making complicated drinks that could provide tips.
  •  RSG/RCG, “Responsible Service of Gambling” or “Responsible Conduct of Gambling” Certificates are required for bars that also have pokies on site, or gambling facilities.  Each cost approximately $40-60AUD, but many places offer discounts to take them simultaneously, roughly totaling $100AUD
    • Testing is in person in New South Wales, and online in Queensland. These are the only two states that require the certificate before work. Here is also a link for both an RSA and RSG bundle provided by Club Training Australia

How to apply

  • Dropping off resumes face-to-face at places: This gives an opportunity to meet management and give a good impression. A friendly face has a better chance of getting hired, even if the company isn’t necessarily looking for someone at that very  moment! Dress appropriately, carry a good stack of appropriate resumes, and walk in confidently. Don’t forget your RSA Certificate!
  • Apply Online through job boards:
  • Some Hotels and Casinos offer their own full-time job training programs. Do a bit of research to find out which casinos near you have that option.

What lifestyle to expect

 Though tipping casino workers is usually prohibited, bartenders sometimes make a fair amount in tips. The average bartender is paid around $19AUD, with some making upwards of $30/hour depending on the location.
A similar salary can be expected out of a casino worker. Unfortunately, the amount paid at the beginning of the job usually doesn’t change throughout the length of employment. After accumulating experience, it is best to try to move to better paying locations in order to increase salary expectations.

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