6 Tips to Play Like a Professional Poker Player in One Year

It is not impossible to start making a decent amount of money playing online poker without becoming a professional. If you read up the basic theory along with basic poker rules and look at the most famous poker success stories, you will learn that there are many ways to become a pro. Here, in this piece of information, we offer basic instruction on how to play poker which is sufficient to start practicing.

Work Harder

Being a professional poker player is a difficult and full-time job. You may go through many more stressful situations than a person who follows the beaten path.

When compared to a decent job with a regular salary, which is not dependent on effort, playing poker professionally is somewhat troublesome. It is better to approach poker with the vision that it is necessary to work hard to reach a certain skill set. Motivate yourselves on the experience gained and not on the number of wins. Set goals at the beginning of each year, month, and the week that will motivate you to work. Clearly, the harder you work, the better the results.

Create Working Climate

Maybe you have never thought about it, but working in an office has its own benefits as you work in a fairly comfortable working environment. A modern computer, a good chair, a coffee machine ready for you – everything is arranged so that one can work smart. If you want to make poker your primary means of earning, it’s suggested to create a similar atmosphere at home.

Firstly, create a home spot meant exclusively for poker. It should have a table with a computer in the corner of the living room or, even great, a separate room where you can just play the game. A specially dedicated “poker space” will enable you to learn to start taking the game seriously and focus on your actions.

Furniture also plays a great role. You are going to spend more time sitting in a chair than in bed! Better to buy an orthopedic chair that keeps your neck and back healthy. In addition, make sure your brain is completely relaxed before playing. Complete all your routine tasks beforehand and only think of poker. You can also work with a coach who specializes in analyzing statistics from Holdem Manager, which is always stressful for you. With their support, you can find improvements in your game, get rid of the major drawbacks, and improve your results.


In online poker, there are always several different promotions, rakeback offers, large regular tournaments for VIP users, and much more. Always try to take advantage of bonuses, as the money doesn’t come around every day. All these promotions can add a great amount to your earnings.

Right Time Management

The best time to play the game is between 8 pm and 2 am on weekdays. On weekends the “hottest” time is Friday and Saturday evening and nights. When registered, sit at most tables, against whom one can rarely gain a special edge. You just need to manage your schedule to play more during peak hours rather than giving up your daily routine or social contacts to earn money.

Start a Table

As you know the chances of winning are higher when playing against weak players. Just select many empty tables in each session, as no one knows who will sit down with you.

Don’t get afraid of the fact that some strong player may sit on your left and make you pay a really huge amount. Under these circumstances, you can leave the game, and there’s nothing wrong with that but, you may also bump into a new amateur player who has long been known to you. In this way, you will not only manage to find a table at which you have a decent edge over your opponent, but you also will not have to share the money of other player with anyone else as long as there are only two players at the table. Such games could be extremely profitable.

In addition to this, there is another advantage of picking empty tables is the experience of playing at a table with some rivals. The more experience you gain, the more comfortable you will feel and add to your experience. Create your game and play by your rules.

Don’t Lose Heart on Losing

Losing money every day is actually a terrible feeling. Let this do not break you – there will always be an upside. The sooner you accept the truth that loss is inevitable, the better. Once you understand these nuances of how to play poker, they will learn to go through downswings much more easily.

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