4 Popular Vintage Online Slots to Play

Top Online Vintage Games That Are Still Popular

Vintage casino games are evergreen and keep improving with age. All these slots are modern creations of a rival which is widely known for high-end, impressive graphics, and excellent winning opportunities.

1. Cleopatra’s Coins

Cleopatra’s coins have been one of the gamblers all-time favorite. There are so many casino games dedicated to Cleopatra, of which the most popular is Ancient Egypt ruler. This game will take a week to read probably a year to try all those games. This game will not only give you a chance to check out Cleopatra’s remarkable makeup, but it also helps you learn some aspects of Ancient Egypt history. You will meet Mark Antony and Caesar, enjoy mesmerizing views of pyramids and get excited to meet asps and scarabs.

2. Wheel of Cash

Cars, yachts, diamonds, stacks of cash, private jets, champagne on ice, and piles of gold coins. This game appears to be a rapper’s music video. Being a 5-reel slot, Wheel of Cash game takes you to all the pleasures of a luxurious lifestyle. You can permanently turn this lifestyle into reality after a few winnings. This game offers more reels, more combinations and more variations of your winnings. This game is known for its trendy graphics, a simple and colorful design, and an overall atmosphere of pleasure. It may not offer that iconic vintage vibe as its interface looks quite modern, but it will surely let you know about the video slots which were popular in the 1990s.

3. Milk the Cash Cow

This is a simple and entertaining game with exciting design. It is great for the novice players. Having only three reels make it easy to remember all combinations which are displayed right on the screen. You will have a cow, buckets of gold coins, piles of cash, and multiple bars. If you manage to get three cows in a row, you become the master of whopping $10,000. To win this you need to rely upon spin and win theory.

4. Gold Rush

There are uncountable fascinating and captivating novels narrating about the Gold Rush! If you`re a fan of such thrilling stories, you would love this game too. You will enjoy it more if you are out to earn big winnings. Being a 3-reel slot featuring money bags, prospectors and gold bars, this game allows you to put on the shoes of these prospectors for a realistic experience. Although it’s tough to say whether you would become a millionaire if you were living in the times of an actual Gold Rush, for sure you will have a greater opportunity to win that pile of money playing Gold Rush.


Above listed are some of the most popular and classic vintage online slots that you can still find in almost every casino and enjoy and try your luck!

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