Top 3 Psychological Tricks to Win in Poker

Have you ever given a damn thought on how to become a poker pro who can withstand tilt without the Tilt Breaker tool, and show amazing skills at the table?

This is not that tough. A little theoretical insight may not turn you into an always-winning poker player, but it will surely provide you with psychological online poker tricks to transform you into a more confident player.

In fact mental strength is an attribute that you need to learn to develop. If you already have mental fortitude, excellent, as improving your emotional intelligence alongside mental toughness is the best way and an essential aspect of the whole professional poker playing experience.

If you want to become like those daredevils who want to play poker as masterfully as “Casino Royale” characters, you need to understand and master some psychological tricks. Let’s figure it out together!

Be a Sharp Hunter

Starting with the basics, hopefully, you`re already familiar with the basics of playing poker so let’s get right in. So, instead of learning the basics, you first need to know if somebody is bluffing. This will help you build your own bluffing strategy.

To start with, don`t look at your cards the moment you get them. While examining your own catch, you might miss some face expressions and gestures of your opponents. Often player do not have control on their facial expression while seeing their cards and give out the strength or lack of it through their expression. So watch those faces first, and glance at your hand after this.

Secondly, you need to watch out the way players bet and how their chip stacks look. If it is a messy pile, then the player is more of an adventurous type and he wants to have fun and enjoy a game more than wants actually to win some money. If it is neatly organized pile, the person is more nervous and such players are less likely to bluff.

Thirdly, try to remember the style of betting of every player at a table. For instance, if a player throws a bet in a center of a table randomly but then organizes it in one stack, it indicates of bluffing. It is a fact, experienced players apply different betting styles every time to confuse others.

Learn to Read the Mind

If you could avoid the strong temptation to look at your cards first, and you analyze your opponents instead, it is a good sign of professional player. You also need to decode the behavior of other players. Develop sharp memory to remember your card at a glance.

When a person get strong cards, he looks at it quickly and then puts them down, and when a combination is weak, they stare at it for little long as they they`re figuring out the way to get out of this unfortunate situation. Hence a quick glance and good memory will earn your way to success.

Be a Charismatic Devil

Professional players never let anybody guess what combination they have so they start playing a neat mind game. They will look at their cards and usually sigh in disappointment in the most possible way possible. They will make their face sad and hung in desperate grimace. That’s just a bluff!

Learn to never show your weakness to your opponents. Even getting a weak hand, you`ll immediately put on a mask of an emotionless facial expression. You can try one more trick known as – the life of the party. Start talking to your poker buddies during a game. It’s OK if you act like an introversion champion in everyday situations but when it comes to poker, shed it. If you doubt one of your opponents of bluffing, just start talking to them!

If they avoid to talk you can make out bluffing as it requires some real concentration and you can interrupt someone’s dishonest intentions. This way, you will be able to block that bluff with a simple friendly conversation.

Although there is not complete guide that will help you to master this art, it all starts with experience. The best way is learn to read your opponents. And don’t forget to that some of them are aware of you as well so watch yourself also!

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