Kick off this Year with Chinese New Year Slots

Out of all the ways for punters to usher in 2020, none are more fitting than playing Chinese New Year. Play N Go went the extra mile to make this release memorable, and these efforts are immediately apparent when playing the game. Through catchy graphics and a robust lineup of Chinese horoscope characters, this 15 win line pokies theme immerses players in the far east. By limiting the max coin value to $1, Play N Go keeps users’ spending within reasonable limits. At 5 coins a line, bets are capped at $75 a spin. This is noticeably better than other releases, which is a valiant effort at making the holidays peaceful for its players.

As we prepare to usher in the year of the rat, Chinese New Year is even more relevant. This is one of the most beloved Asian themes available, which makes it indispensable to kick off the new year with. According to its many rave reviews, this theme is absolutely packed with wilds, jackpots and bonus rounds. It boasts one of the most talented development teams available, since Play N Go is an industry titan. This mixture of creativity and originality has kept punters playing this theme for years, which is quite an impressive feat.

To see if Chinese New Year still lives up to the hype in 2020, we decided to put it to the test. After diving into the reels, we got to experience the game through a modern lens. What we discovered was intriguing, since this game managed to surprise us on all fronts. Dive into this epic review to find out whether Chinese New Year still has what it takes to captivate players. The year of the rat is almost upon us, so kick it off with one of the most praised holiday slot themes!

Exploring Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year
These looming bonuses had major implications.

As soon as the game loaded, we were introduced to some of the upcoming features. Firework bonus rounds, free spins and unexpected scatters were allegedly lurking at every turn. This selection of surprises was intriguing, so we gladly accepted the opportunity to head over to the reels.

Holiday Pokies
Even though these characters looked silly, this game had more to offer.

As soon we made it to the reels, we were greeted by an interesting sight. While the Chinese pagoda was noble, what graced the reels was slightly off-putting. Every animal imaginable was featured, but they all looked slightly ridiculous. Despite putting off a childish vibe, we had no choice but to take the game seriously.

Chinese New Year
These tiny victories weren’t enough to cover our wild spending.

Armed with 250,000 coins, we rose the bet to the max and dove into the game. For the first few spins, we were greeted with nothing but lack luster victories. None of our prizes exceeded 40 coins, which was slightly alarming since we were wagering 75 coins a spin. Even though the reels came to life with interesting features such as dragons and tigers, we were failing to win big. Slightly perplexed by these tiny victories, we continued spinning furiously.

Holiday Slots
This victory was welcome.

Right when we least expected it, our luck tuck a turn for the better. On the 15th spin, we hit a snake and tiger wilds. This graced us with 320 coins, and we were officially back in the game. This was followed by a 170 coin win, which was a welcome change from our last winless streak. Invigorated by our first few big wins, we continued spinning with a newfound passion.

Chinese New Year
The cycle was starting to repeat itself.

Before long, we were back in the same rut as before. To our horror, these slightly large wins dwindled back to tiny settlements. We were officially trapped in limbo, so we desperately tried to spin our way out of it. Unfortunately, this didn’t appear to be an option. After enduring 50 lackluster spins, we retired from the game feeling slightly cheated.

Overall Review

At the end of the day, this slot is fine to play with fake money. When spinning with free coins, the lack of jackpots is pardonable. But for those who wish to wager real money, this is a dangerous venture. After 100 plus spins, we were noticeably in debt. We didn’t experience any free spins or notable jackpots, so exercise caution when playing. The graphics are fun and the characters are interesting, so this is a game that’s best kept on free trials.

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